How does an Elisa Microplate Washer work?

October 5, 2022by Kalstein

It is a laboratory device used to perform automatic washing operations on microplates. They are used for studies and research, drug discovery, and quality control. It is an autonomous system, able to configure microplates, from 96 to 384 wells, using simple protocols.

They are applicable in biochemical tests, removing the rest of the material, with angle probes, to allow a gentle washing of the types of cells with weak adhesion.ย 

Elisa Microplate Washer Mechanisms

Elisa’s washing machine has been created to carry out the cleaning operations involved in the technique, and its proper mechanism ensures that it works efficiently.ย 

In this way, the mechanisms are translated, in that the washing of a microplate requires between 1 and 3 liters of solution. And in each well 300 ยตl of flushing solution is used per cycle. Cleaning can be done manually, (depending on the use), but if you have demands, it is better to use an automated washing equipment.

That said, by injecting, sucking and supplying, the liquid will get the remains of the adhered substances, get out. Such washing, has action systems, allow them to control the washing cycles, also the supplies are composed of a storage of washing solution dispenser type, so that they act simultaneously.ย 

In the same order, the advance mechanisms allow horizontal movement, to reach the plate, through the supply and extraction of each well, in order to dispense the washing solution.

Usage Characteristics

The Elisa microplate washer has easy access features, so that the operation does not have problems, because the cleaning protocols must be complete, so that it activates without problems. Because it is efficient and versatile for precise control of dispensing and aspiration, it allows processing without altering cells. Flexibility also helps with the use of heads, which are easily configured to meet the current and future requirements of microplate applications.

In addition, it should be taken into account, the maintenance of the equipment, which is simple, does not require external pumps, nor computers for its operation and the washing heads are interchangeable, does not require heavy tools for alignment and calibration.ย 

It should be mentioned that the maintenance of equipment as such should be taken into account so that its functions do not have an impact on the studies. Among them:

  • Basic Maintenance (Daily Frequency).
  • Check the dispensed volume.
  • Demonstrate uniformity of filling.
  • Identify the efficiency of the suction subsystem.
  • Confirm cleaning of supply and removal needles.
  • Clean the washer with distilled water after use, to remove any traces of salt in the supply and extraction ducts. Needles may be kept submerged in distilled water.
  • Check the cleaning of the washer body. If applicable, clean the outside surfaces with a piece of moistened cloth, using a mild detergent.
  • Disarticulate and clean the ducts and connectors. Verify the integrity of the data. If leaks or corrosion traces are detected, adjust and/or replace.
  • Verify the integrity of mechanical components. Lubricate according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check the fit of each subsystem.ย 
  • Calibrate according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Reaffirm the integrity of the electrical connector and interconnect cable.
  • Check the integrity of the fuse, and that its contact points are clean.

Microplate Washer and Brand Kalstein

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