Operation and Applications of Magnetic Shakers (Hot Plat Stirrer)

August 29, 2022by Kalstein

Within the laboratory field, the use of magnetic stirrers is fundamental to mix liquids in containers, they are equipment that work by means of a rotating magnetic field, where the stirring speed is calculated in revolutions per minute (rpm), and is adjustable by means of a wheel.

In addition, the equipment is silent, efficient and stays away from the solution to be mixed, that is, it does not contaminate the sample, in addition, it allows users to handle several substances, reducing direct contact with the element when mixing, improves the work in the laboratory, and prevents possible accidents that may occur when performing such operations, such as chemical spills, direct contact with the skin, etc.

In this way, this device is the necessary element for scientists, where they are applied for chemical and biological studies, used to homogeneously mix solutions and suspensions for tests and tests, facilitating analysis and provides efficiency and effectiveness in use.

Functions and Applications of Magnetic Shakers

Magnetic stirrers are composed of an electromagnetic motor, which provides rotating movements of mixtures, from 100 to 1500 (rpm), it has an electronic sensor, which allows the user to adjust it according to their needs. Also, the motor is composed of a magnet on the shaft, which allows recording the ferromagnetic bar that is immersed in the solution to be shaken, this ferromagnetic bar, is covered with an inert material (usually Teflon), so that it cannot alter the solution in which it is immersed.

Generally, magnetic stirrers are composed of a plate, which is moved by an electric motor and the model to be mixed, is inserted into a container, tube or vessel, which is positioned on a vibrating surface.

It should be noted that these equipments are applied in many industries for different applications, so it is of main use in chemical studies and in many uses in the biotechnological field.

Benefits of Magnetic Shakers

The use of magnetic stirrers within the laboratory is beneficial as they reduce the risk of contamination, as they only come into contact with a magnetic rod in the sample and the components of the instrument are easy to clean.

It also reduces the study time, as the mixing process can be used at night, and this would be impossible to do if a hand shaker was used. For example, for protein dialysis procedures, it should be done on a sample and then placed on the shaker for a longer period.

Types of Magnetic Shakers

In a laboratory, different equipment of agitators can be located, which fulfill different functions, and in turn have specific characteristics for each task. Among the most common that can be found in a laboratory are:

  • Mini magnetic stirrer: these instruments are compact in size, take up less space and consist of electronic controls, which access the user, regulate the speed with greater precision. It is resistant to harmful chemicals in the laboratory.
  • Magnetic stirrer with timer: controls the help time to automatically turn off the motor, after the selected operating time. The speed is automatically reduced and even the load is automatically eliminated.
  • Heavy duty magnetic stirrers: These are high chemical strength devices, durable and have high mixing capacity.
  • Battery powered magnetic stirrer: They are mainly used in incubators and consist of rubber feet, speed control knob, etc. They can be used where there are no electrical plugs.
  • Turbine magnetic stirrer operated by air: it is an ideal equipment, to remove liquids up to one liter. It supplies air at low pressure and its main function eliminates the danger of sparks from electrical sources.

Magnetic Stirrer (Hot Plate Stirrer) Brand Kalstein

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