YR01774 0-50% Brix Refractometer

Manufacturer: Kalstein
Certificacion europea

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Certificacion europea

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Product Description

The refractometer is a precision optical instrument that works on the principle: as the concentration or density of a solution increases, its refractive index changes proportionally. The angle of refraction measured by the refractometer is recorded on the scale. The higher the solute concentration in the solution, the higher the reading on the scale.

✓ YR01774 0-50% Brix

This model is designed and applied to measure the concentrated solution of grape sugar. Measurement range: 0-50% Minimum scale: 0.5

Model Description
YR01774 With ATC for Low Concentration 0-50% Brix div 0.5%
YR01775 With ATC for low concentration 0-80% Brix div 0.5%
YR01776 With ATC for low concentration 0-90% Brix div 0.5%

Additional Information

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YR01774, YR01775, YR01776


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