Transilluminators work by generating ultraviolet light, which excites fluorophores in genetic samples. A fluorophore is a molecule that can re-emit light when excited by another light. In genetics, fluorescent dyes are used that bind to DNA or RNA, becoming fluorophores. When the sample with these dyes is exposed to the UV transilluminator, the fluorophores absorb this light and emit another visible light. The result is a luminous image, observable with the human eye or through a digital camera, of our target genetic material.

Types of Transilluminator that a Laboratory may require

UV Transilluminator YR06031

No need darkroom, can be used for, With export operation to cut the gel. cut the gel...


UV Transilluminator YR06030

High transparency UV protective screen, can be opened to any angle, safe operation, convenient...


Portable UV Transilluminator YR06032

Small size, simple operation. Two kinds of wavelength UV, observe applicable to different gel...


Our best-selling Transilluminator

UV scintillation has become a crucial component in the daily routine of genetic research due to its multiple benefits. First, it provides a quick and clear view of genetic material. Researchers can obtain results in real time, which saves valuable time. Second, the accuracy and resolution of the transilluminator greatly improves the reliability of results, helping scientists avoid crucial errors.

  • No need for darkroom, can be use for all-weather.
  • With the operation of export for cuting the gel.
  • Using the UV filter glass, quartz ultraviolet lamp, long service life, light uniform.

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Guides to become a Transilluminator expert

Transilluminator equipment are indispensable products in a laboratory, we provide you with guides and recommendations for a better use, so that you can work as an expert.

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