What are the advantages of the Baby Scale?

October 5, 2022by Kalstein

The baby scales are a medical equipment that is usually used by pediatricians, which generates information for recording the weight and measurement of the baby. This new equipment works by means of an electrical system that determines the levels of weighing, and even the feeding state of the baby.

Therefore, the technology that uses the baby’s scales is about the weighing control, which will allow how are the evolutionary processes of feeding the child and breastfeeding, being one of the main concerns prevailing when evaluating the type of equipment used in pediatric consultations. Thus, the value generated by the pediatric balance emerges, which constitutes being the best ally for any parent who supervises the feeding of their child.

Advantages of using the Baby Scale

A baby scale is a tool designed for weighing, it has comfortable and safe spaces, offering advantages in safety and accuracy. Its initial function, is to measure the body mass of the baby to take control of the processes of development and progression of the infant.

It is strongly important to maintain control and constant supervision in the process of growth of the baby, so accuracy and measurement become advantages with the use of the balance. In addition, its use improves the time of attention of patients. Other benefits include:

  • Provides ease of use
  • Data visualization with the naked eye
  • Elegance and harmony
  • Retention function, in case the baby moves.
  • Different measurement units such as: kilogram (kg), pound (Ib), and ounces (oz).
  • Battery Indicator
  • Overload Indicator

All of these benefits provide peace of mind for parents and pediatricians, because they provide all the indications that help automatic control so that the battery is saved.

Structure of the Baby Balance

The baby scale has a charming structure and is very easy to use, it is also elegant and precise, so that it allows recording the exact weight of baby. It also has an ergonomic advantage to fit the child, and is included within its functions to continue the control process.

Also, it has many new options such as the automatic start system, this way saves the battery, and thanks to the power reminder the balance charging system is avoided, and even the mode to increase accuracy, and finally the option to use various units of measure. Generally, it has dimensions of 56 cm x 4.1 x 33 cm, with battery included, and to choose the best option, you must take into account the models that Kalstein offers, because it allows the baby to feel comfortable so that the measurement is achieved without problems.

Baby Balance Performance

To enjoy the baby’s scale, you must take into account the performance of this important equipment, taking into account that it is turned on by pressing the start button and should appear on the digital 0,000kg screen, indicating that it is ready to start the measurement process.

Similarly, the next step is to place the baby on the saucer of the scale, placing it under supervision to prevent the baby from falling. It has a weight retention system, which is taken into account even if the baby moves or feels uneasy, in this way it will allow to capture the record.

On the other hand, to maintain the equipment must always be fit and available, through cleaning, such as using a damp cloth and soapy liquid that do not contain strong chemical. And never immerse the scale in water, let alone allow water into the scale

Kalstein Brand Baby Scale

At Kalstein, we are manufacturers of Baby Scales and it works with the best technology for our users to operate the best devices internationally in all pediatric units. Our team belongs to the YR series, and they have

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