What are the applications of the child wheelchair?

October 5, 2022by Kalstein

Children may need to use a wheelchair for several reasons, including some type of injury that makes it impossible for them to move their legs, either in the spine or directly in the legs. Others have disabilities due to cerebral palsy or dystrophy. Depending on the reason, children may need wheelchairs for a short period of time or all the time.

Whether they need it for a short time or for the long term, children should learn to use the wheelchair at home, at school, or elsewhere. This can be frustrating on many occasions, so the choice of wheelchair is very important for the child and must have the necessary features to help him stay happy and healthy.

Wheelchairs for children

Pediatric wheelchairs are equipment designed to allow mobility for children with disabilities. The reason they need it can be very varied, some may have suffered from brain injuries, have cerebral palsy or have some of their limbs amputated. Depending on these requirements, wheelchairs can come in various sizes and shapes, to suit each of the needs.

When choosing the right wheelchair for children, many factors must be taken into account, since the specific needs of the child must be met, i.e. what is your health status? will you need physical support to move the chair? Or is it low active? All of this will affect the type of chair to be purchased or the accessories to be included.

Children’s wheelchair applications

Wheelchair applications are related to the mobility of the child, their aim is to meet the needs of children with disabilities. They can be manual, i.e. pushed by the child or parent, or electric, manipulated with controls. A child will usually need a wheelchair in the following circumstances:

  • Need support to mobilize.
  • Have any medical diagnosis that prevents them from walking, e.g. cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, etc.
  • They do not have good leg strength.
  • Have had surgery that makes it difficult for you to walk all the time.

Characteristics of children’s wheelchairs

Pediatric chairs must have a series of features that make them comfortable and safe for children, from being ergonomic and adaptable to the growth of the user, to having additional accessories to adapt to the needs of each child. The following are the characteristics that a pediatric wheelchair must possess:

  • Adjustable size that grows with the child: in a child wheelchair, characteristics such as seat width or back height, among others, must adapt to the size of the child, but not only that, also must be able to adjust to the growth and development of the same.
  • Carrying capacity: they must have a large carrying capacity as the child will grow up next to his wheelchair. Pediatric chairs must have a carrying capacity of at least 50 kg. Also, for children with spastic episodes, the chair should be able to withstand the force that is released at this time.
  • Presence of head restraints: as these are children, they can get tired at some time of the day so it is important that the chair has a safe support for the head, especially in the case of children who have little control over it.

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