Our scope

At Kalstein France, located in Paris – France, we are a company with great experience in the manufacture and export of equipment for high quality laboratories, which have honesty, responsibility and communication as a basis in the development of each of our products . Today, we have strengthened as a leading company in the sectors: scientific, medical, industrial and academic, with a close relationship with each of our customers.

Professionals and technicians with extensive experience in various fields support this company. We have professionals in the scientific, medical and industrial fields. This team has worked in recent years in the development and consulting of research, diagnosis and quality control of laboratories worldwide. In Kalstein France we have the premise innovation, creation and research on new technologies in our production lines, so that each of our customers has products of the highest quality and durability.


Our history

Kalstein was created in 1994. The creation of this company emerged due to technological needs at that time for the manufacture of laboratory equipment. These products meet the requirements to meet the needs of a sterility control laboratory in each of the work fields (pharmacy, cosmetology, bioanalysis, agronomy, veterinary, microbiology, dentistry, genetics, nursing, medicine, among others).

In the company we have metallurgical machinery such as turnería, strawberry, special welding (argon), plasma cuts and electrolytic baths for polished electro, to make manufacturing, finishing and quality control of our products. The first catalog was published in 2001 when our manufacturing beginnings began to build fiberglass equipment. For the year 2004 with the third edition, we went to 304 stainless steel products.

Progress and innovation

Our first sales brochure was a triptish that was published in 2001, with only 3 equipments

Manufacture and evolution

Our beginnings as manufacturers were with fiberglass equipment


Commercial, philanthropic and ecological






Kalstein France is known as a leading company in Community services and social work, as well as sponsoring courses, events and participation in national and international congresses that provide training to different users directly according to their needs.

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we have a wide range of spare parts and services, aimed at our distributors with specialized and personalized technical support. It offers a 1 year warranty for each of our products in the facilities of our plant, this warranty is generated through our production and development management, making sure you get the original spare parts on our product lines. We have taken a great step with an important transformation at the metallurgical level, with all our manufacture of stainless steel products, offering a wide range of equipment for scientific, medical, educational and industrial fields with higher quality controls.




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5 rue de Castiglione 75001 Paris – France.
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