Viscometers occupy a vital place in biochemical laboratories and in the remote sensing and analysis of scientific data. These precision instruments act as flow resistance thermometers, measuring viscosity, i.e. the โ€˜thicknessโ€™ of liquids. Viscosity is determined by measuring the resistance of a liquid to being entrained or flowing under gravity or an applied force.

These devices offer detailed and accurate analysis of the composition and behavior of various substances within a controlled environment, thus providing vital information for various biochemical analyses.


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Cosmetics Rotating Dial Viscometer YR05851 โ€“ YR05852


Digital rotary viscosity operation is more convenient, more accurate value measurement, more complete functions..


Viscosity Measuring Analyzer Laboratory Viscometer YR05855 โ€“ YR05856


Digital rotary viscosity operation is more convenient, more accurate value measurement, more complete functions....


Touch Screen Brookfield Viscometer YR05858 โ€“ YR05859


Perfect integration of touch-screen technology, fast, accurate, easy to measure viscosity. Step-less debugging....


Digital Small Sample Viscometer YR05840 // YR05842


The high temperature viscometer adopts coaxial center structure, using small sample adapter, the sample quantity ..


Our best selling Viscometer

Rotary viscosimeter perfect blend in touch screen technology, with a kind of fashion of modern high technology to measure the viscosity of rapid, accurate, convenient. Powerful, liquid crystal display (LCD) viscometer is far from before.

Self-built 30 groups of test program to help users to quickly and accurately obtain the viscosity and the related data of the sample.5 inches large color touch screen can be comprehensive, vividly show various parameters and working conditions.With measuring parameters, display more rich in content, operation is convenient, intuitive, high measurement precision, reading speed stability, strong anti-jamming ability, wide working voltage and other obvious advantages.Can completely replace similar imported equipment, leading the new trend of science and technology of domestic viscometer.

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With their ability to measure the viscosity of a variety of fluids, they offer a wide range of applications in biochemical analysis. Some of the...

Tehe Evolution in Viscosity Measurement - Laboratory

Viscosity, a fundamental property of liquid and semi-solid substances, determines how a liquid flows. Historically, viscosity measurement...

Innovations in Viscometers: Improving the Efficiency of Biochemical Laboratory Processes

With recent innovations in viscometer technology, its application in biochemistry has broadened its horizons. Modern viscometers are being used in areas such as cancer cell research, drug formulation and the study of biological processes such as protein denaturation...

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Viscometers in operation

These laboratory instruments measure the viscosity of a fluid at various temperatures and pressures. There are different types of viscometers, each tailored to analyze various types of fluids and adapt to different testing environments. Some are simple and intended for quick and easy testing, while others are highly accurate and intended for more complex and detailed testing. Regardless of their type, they all work on the same principle: to measure the resistance that a fluid presents to flow.

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