Pathological Anatomy

Tissue inclusion systems are an invaluable tool in the field of anatomic pathology. These systems help clinicians collect and process tissues efficiently and safely. This, in turn, allows laboratory procedures to be performed with precision and reliable results for therapeutic decision-making. In addition, tissue inclusion systems also allow rapid access to test results for standardized processing and diagnosis. Ultimately, they are an invaluable tool in the practice of anatomic pathology.

The application of tissue inclusion systems in anatomic pathology enables disease-specific diagnosis, providing pathologists with the information they need for correct treatment. These systems are characterized by providing tissue inclusion in materials designed to protect the tissue from desiccation, thus allowing the preservation of individual tissues for accurate and reliable diagnoses. In addition, they also offer a high capacity for pattern detection and the evaluation and diagnosis of samples, helping to minimize variations in the quality of the result.

Types of Pathological Anatomy a Laboratory May Need

Microtomes series

 is designed to meet multiple requirements of histology or histopathology labs. It is also suitable for the use in research labs as well as industrial quality assurance. In being manual, the Microtome YR418 is flexible to use at any place in the laboratory. With its high-precision mechanics inside, the Microtome YR418 permits quality sections, while maintaining a high, consistent throughput. Great functionality and the appealing design are the key features of our microtome. Optimal user comfort enables a rapid, safe and smooth sectioning, even under heavy workload. The integrated sectioning waste tray is resistant to xylene, and can be detached for cleaning.

Automatic Slide Stainer

  • Electronic module designs. The stainer meets the requirements of conventional staining or special staining. For different laboratories, and staining can be achieved simultaneously or individually for good effectiveness.
  • The color touch screen makes date and search convenient, different staining programs, and progress displayed on the interface.
  • The staining program started with a color code and is constantly displayed on the interface.
  • 10 set programs, 10 staining units can be run simultaneously, and any program runs at any time.
  • 26 Reagent Station, two of them can be waiting stations. Optimizes staining progress when multiple staining racks are running simultaneously.
  • The dye rack enters and exits the loading bins up and down. 2 racks for loading, and 3 racks for unloading.
  • The reach of the mechanical arm at any station in 1 second at high speed, up and down frequency for the staining rack can be set

In Kalstein you can find the Teams of Pathological Anatomy equipment ideal for your Laboratory

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Pathology Team to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Cooling Plate YR440A

Temperature is precisely measured by temperature-sensing integrated blocks made in USA, and is LCD-displayed...


Flotation work station YR452

High-quality Tissue flotation station YR452 with keyboard control, microcomputer automatic memory, LED lighting...


Flotation Water Bath (Water Bath/slide dryer) YR457

DC low-voltage illuminating system and removable transparent heating ...


Rotary microtome YR422

 Rotary Microtome is a new 202 series possessing multiple features, such asa neat streamlined-shape housing, a hand-wheel ...


Our best-selling Pathological Anatomy team

The space-saving YR439 is a complete paraffin dispensing unit including a 3 liters paraffin container, a heated working area and a cooling spot. The ergonomically elevated heated working area is illuminated with adjustable LED light and allows comfortable processing of specimen. All functions of the unit are controlled by an intuitive control panel including programmable working hours. Two heated trays provide a pre-warming capacity of 80 cassettes and 200 embedding moulds.

  • Fully programmable computer controls allow automatic system start and stop anytime (weekly)
  • Temperature is controlled by microprocessors made in the USA and they are displayed  using color-changing LEDs to enable clear visibility of working status
  • Five heated areas, including Paraffin Chamber, Paraffin Dispenser, left and right Thermal Storage Compartments, and heating plate (working area), are individually controlled and work independently without interference from each other

Catalog of Pathological Anatomy equipment models on offer


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Video of Pathological Anatomy Equipment in Operation

In this section you can find, our pathology teams in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc.

Microtome running

The microtome, is a high-precision device, and its use requires a certain degree of skill and experience. For this reason, it is usually necessary to go through a training period before you can use them safely.

It consists of several parts, each of which fulfills a specific function to ensure the correct production of the thin sheets. Which are:

  • The base, which is where the material to be cut is placed. It is usually made of wood or plastic and is covered with a layer of rubber or soft plastic to protect the material to be cut. There is also a groove in the base, which is used to place the sheet on which the material will be deposited.
  • The table, which is where the slide is placed. It is a glass or metal plate on which the material to be cut is placed. The table moves up and down to adjust the height of the slide so you can get sheets of the desired thickness.

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