Pathological anatomy

These equipments have wide programming possibilities for fixation and dehydration processes of histological samples with reagents and their subsequent paraffin infiltration. They provide processing safety, allow to handle more samples, process faster and produce better quality results. 

This area of medicine studies the morphological basis of the disease, that is, it is based on direct observation of the organ suffering from a disease, laboratories that are dedicated to this area perform certain research methods such as microscopic observation based on histological techniques, histochemistry, electron microscope, immunohistochemistry, and more recently, molecular techniques of special application in the pathology of cancer.

Types of Pathology a Laboratory May Need

Microtomes series

Its basic function is to be able to meet the requirements of medical professionals in terms of histopathological analysis of the various tissues and the expression in them of the various diseases that affect humans. The procedures carried out within a pathology laboratory are grouped into two distinct phases: technical processing and diagnostic processing.

  • The top of the machine is a microcomputer control and panel operation part, temperature display and working status display part.
  • The central part is a low-temperature freezer, which is the part for rapid freezing of biopsy tissue and cutting operation.

Automatic Slide Stainer

Flexible, low-noise, wear-resistant transmission system using high-quality imported materials and elements to ensure stable operation and reliable performance.
  • With its small footprint, this compact mini device can be placed near the section area for optimal workflow
  • With its intuitive touch screen interface and convenient man-machine communication, the operation is easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Integrated touchscreen with highly intelligent intuitive control system offers full feature set, reliable performance and easy operation
  • The robust APS-coated housing is simplified, easy to clean and highly corrosion resistant.

In Kalstein you can find the Teams of  Pathology ideal for your laboratory

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Pathology Team to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

         Automated microtome           YR415-1

The feeding system uses an intelligent control mechanism; enabling quick switching between manual...


Automatic slide staining   YR435-1

Electronic module design. The stainer meets the requirements of conventional staining or special staining. For different laboratories...


Automated Tissue Processor YR428

YR428 Automated Tissue Processor is mainly used in small laboratories to process specimens to improve...


    Flotation Water Bath YR457             

Pure-green digital screen for real-time monitoring of heating temperature, direct and clear, easy to operate; all...


Our best-selling Pathology team

High quality water bath with keyboard control, automatic micro computer memory, LED lighting and digital tube display.

  • Pure green digital display for direct real-time monitoring of heating temperature, clear and easy to operate; All parameters, including predefined temperatures, working temperatures and writing status are displayed in real time.
  • The temperature is automatically controlled by single chip microprocessors made in the United States.
  • This feature-rich device and its easy-to-configure operation can meet the needs of different users as much as possible

Analysis of the best Pathology equipment for your laboratory

Pathological anatomy: microtomes and cryostats

Pathological anatomy is a science that studies the pathophysiological and morphological alterations of a disease...


Equipment needed for a pathology laboratory  

A laboratory of pathological anatomy, is a specialized laboratory, where biopsy and cytology samples are ...


Processor of tejidos and inclusor of tejidos

The tissue processor is a piece of equipment used in pathological anatomy and in histology laboratories...


  What is forensic pathology?            

Forensic pathology is a specialty that applies the methods, techniques and knowledge of pathological anatomy and...


Guides to Becoming an Expert in Pathological Anatomy

Pathology teams are essential products in a laboratory, we put at your disposal guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert...

What is a tissue processor in pathology?                           

Pathological anatomy is the science that is responsible for the study of pathophysiological and morphological alterations...

What is a flotation bath and cooling plate in pathological anatomy?

These equipment are part of the essential requirements in a laboratory of pathological anatomy, complement...

In a pathological anatomy laboratory: what is the function of a tissue inclusor?

The performance of the equipment of tissue inclusor, is used for the integration of paraffin as standard method in the production...

What is histopathology?

Histopathology is a branch of pathology that addresses the diagnosis of diseases through the analysis of tissues, integrating both their macroscopic and microscopic characteristics. It plays a leading role in clinical diagnosis since the analysis of the morphology of the cell allows to determine with greater precision the pathological alteration that affects the tissue and, therefore, to reach an accurate diagnosis.....

Video of Pathological Anatomy Equipment in Operation

In this section you can find, our pathology teams in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc.

Microtome running

Currently, pathology laboratories use instruments and equipment that are used to obtain help in the diagnosis of many diseases, including cancer. Among the most used equipment in this science, we have: microtomes, microscopes, tissue processor, tissue water baths, cryostats, cooling plates, paraffin cutter and dispenser, slide dryers, tissue inclusion systems, automatic staining systems for slides, among others.

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