Moisture Analyzer

Humidity is a factor that can greatly influence the fluidity of a material, its compressibility, as well as its cohesiveness. This is vitally important in the agricultural, food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as excessive moisture can lead to abused and deteriorated products,

as moisture content directly affects the processing capacity, shelf life, use and quality of a product.  Accurate determination of moisture content therefore plays an essential role in ensuring quality. For some types of products, the maximum permissible moisture content may be regulated by law, such as national or international food standards.

Types of Moisture Analyser a Laboratory may need

Halogen Moisture Analyzer YR05552 // YR05555

Halogen lamp/HBM sensor. Aluminum shell/Stainless steel chamber. LCD๏ผˆWhite back light with black font)...


Halogen Moisture Analyzer YR05557

Real-time dynamic curve/Date and Tim. Temperature/Time set. The percentage of moisture...


Halogen Moisture Analyzer YR05558 // YR05561

Store historical set. Connect PC and printer. Option: Printer. Real-time dynamic curve/Date and Time...


Infrared Moisture Analyzer YR05556

Aluminum shell/Stainless steel chamber. High definition LCD. Temperature/Time set.. Option:Aluminum box/Printer/Grinder...


Our Best Selling Moisture Analyser

Moisture analyzers are laboratory equipment designed to accurately determine the saturation levels of samples and study the processing capacity of moisture contents, the shelf life, usability and product quality. It also ensures readiness in industrial sectors, such as the food sector.  
Generally, moisture content is analyzed with thermogravimetric methods, or loss of drying, with the heating of the samples and recording of weights by evaporation of moisture. Through these processes, it brings benefits to the general characteristic of the product from the raw material, then the reception of goods, collection, quality control, etc. 

Analysis of the best Moisture Analyser for your Laboratory

Care and Maintenance of a Moisture Analyzer?

The main objective of the care and maintenance of moisture analyzers, as drying processing equipment...


What is the function of a Moisture Analyzer?

The moisture analyzer basically works through integral devices, through special modules that calculate...


When is it necessary to use a Moisture Analyser?

Themoisture analyser, is a laboratory equipment designed to accurately determine the moisture content of ...


Halogen Moisture Analyser for Cosmetic Products

Halogen analyzers are laboratory equipment that determine the amounts of water in the samples of...


Guides to becoming an expert in Moisture Analyser

Humidity Analyser equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Characteristics and maintenance of a Moisture Analyzer?

During the practice of moisture analyzers, it is of great importance, the functions according to the heating efficiency...

Methods used for determination of Moisture in a sample

Humidity is a factor that can greatly influence the fluidity of a material, its compressibility, as well as its cohesiveness...

Use in the manufacture of medicinal products

The analysis of the quantities of water in the substances, to determine the moisture levels are necessary tests...

How to measure the Moisture content in food to evaluate the quality of the product?

Humidity analyzers are laboratory equipment designed to accurately determine the saturation levels of samples and study the processing capacity of moisture contents, the shelf life, usability and product quality. It also ensures readiness in industrial sectors...

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