Characteristics and maintenance of a Moisture Analyzer?

During the practice of moisture analyzers, it is of great importance, the functions according to the heating efficiency of the samples for the drying processes, together with the maintenance of the equipment for its effectiveness in each of its systems.

In the development to extend the life span of the equipment, but also optimize the safety of the measurement and avoid gas leaks, it is recommended to implement the recommendations that avoid failures in the studies, and errors of physical functionality with the incorrect manipulation.

Characteristics of Moisture Analyzers and control in handling

To make the determinations of the water content of the samples, based on the characteristics of the functions that the equipment has, together with the maintenance contributions, the wear and tear that may occur during the practices is provided.Ā 

And according to this, the characteristics are shown with their maintenance contributions, which are

  • Verify the existence of any damage from the lid of the equipment and check the condition of the packaging. These seal the cell and prevent the entry of moisture from the environment. Generally the consumable that is most easily damaged is the septum for sample injections, so preventive maintenance must be performed.
  • Ā It is necessary to keep the electrodes clean so that they do not interfere with the mechanisms.Ā 
  • Regularly change the dosing tip of the interchangeable unit as it can wear out over time.
  • Check the condition of the molecular sieve, located in the drying tubes and change periodically.
  • Check that the interchangeable unit is always assembled correctly.
  • Check the condition of the hoses.Ā 
  • Adjust to the valve whenever in order to avoid bubbles in the system that may cause errors in the determination.
  • Cleaning any type of spill or splash of Karl Fischer reagent, this not only permanently stains the equipment, but can also cause damage to it.

In addition, and in compliance with the recommendations, waste is prevented from affecting the mechanism of the equipment, optimizing the safety of the measurement and exhaust of gases that put the operator at risk.

Advantages of maintaining Moisture Analyzers

The improper use of moisture analyzers can leave unfavorable results, both in the results of the studies, and in the manipulation of the equipment, which leads to the application of preventive maintenance systems, in favor of the useful life of the equipment; and therefore, the following recommendations are advantageous:

  • Prevention and early detection of failures can increase the service life of the different components and equipment together by up to 30%.
  • A preventive maintenance plan, compensated with production progress and time saving.
  • It is possible to have greater control and good planning, by regularly monitoring the real operating conditions of the equipment, unexpected events can be prevented.Ā 
  • Reduces waiting times for repairs.Ā 

Through the application of the different preventive measures, the importance in the development of the maintenance of moisture analyzers, allows to reduce unexpected repairs that come to generate repercussions on productivity.

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