Microplate Reader

The Microplate reader is a computer designed to perform diagnostic tests applied to the detection of infectious diseases that represent a threat to the individual, or to require treatments with epidemiological monitoring. This equipment is highly functional through the practice of ELISA, being one of the most reliable tests performed in laboratories. 

From the characterization of immune responses in inoculated or infected people, to the location of expression of a protein to be formulated in the cell extension, to execute quality control trials. And they're very important, because having teams that can perform such assessments is the key. 

Because there are many cases in the science, the detection of viruses such as Hepatitis B, the use of microplate readers will allow providing timely and cost-effective answers. And Kalstein has the ideal equipment for such measurements, thanks to its technological and digital power, it reaches exceed the expectations of users within laboratory practices.

Types of Microplate Reader a Laboratory may need

Microplate Elisa Reader YR05128

Computadora externa, gran capacidad de almacenamiento para 1000 elementos de prueba y 1,000,000  hours. External computer, large storage for 1000 test item and 1,000,000 results...


Microplate Elisa Reader YR05127

Print a full report, including patient and hospital information and test results. Built-in laptop, easy to use.8-channel optical system, quantitative and qualitative test. 10.4 inches color touch screen...


Our Top Selling Microplate Reader

The ELISA microplate reader is considered to be a specialized spectrophotometer. Unlike conventional spectrophotometer, which provides readings over a wide range of wavelengths, the microplate in the reader has diffraction filters or grids that limit the wavelength range of the ELISA, typically between 400 nm to 750 nm (nanometers). Although some ELISA readers are capable of operating in the ultraviolet range and performing analyzes between 340 and 700 nm. 

  • 8-channel optical system, quantitative and qualitative test.
  • External jet printer, multi-format patient report
  • Long-Lasting High Light LED Source >100,000 Hours
  • External computer, large storage for 1000 test items and 1,000,000 results

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Guides to become an expert in Microplate Reader

Microplate Readers are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

What technology does an ELISA Microplate Reader use?

An ELISA microplate reader is a laboratory instrument that is responsible for detecting and processing biological and chemical data by...

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The microplate reader is a laboratory kit developed for the quantification of proteins and nucleic acids through cell imaging. It relies on...

Benefits of Microplate Reader for Hepatitis B Screening - Laboratory

The Microplate reader is a computer designed to perform diagnostic tests applied to the detection of infectious diseases that represent a threat...

Detecting COVID-19 using the Microplate Reader

COVID-19 is an infectious viral disease caused by the virus known as SARS-CoV-2. It is characterized by fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain, and fatigue, however, on occasions when the disease becomes severe...

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