Patient and Fetal Monitor

This medical equipment, required in clinics and hospitals, is used to monitor and control the vital signs of the patient connected to the device and requiring continuous monitoring, this device detects, processes and records the physiological and cardiac parameters of the patient, the design of these equipment should be simple to facilitate use by medical staff, nurses and paramedics.

These electronic devices are intended to collect, display and store all vital signs of the pediatric patient. The parameters are displayed separately on the monitor, where the digital value of the parameter and its graphical representation will be displayed. In the event that any of these parameters is below or above the normal for the patient, or any other adverse activity occurs, an alarm is triggered to alert physicians. The alarms built into these devices are visual and sound, although they can be easily silenced if the problem that generated them is being solved.

Types of Patient and Fetal Monitor that the Medical Sector may need

Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Monitor YR02181

10.2 inch TFT large screen color display, digital display and value waveform oscilloscope  twins heart rate (FHR) and uterine...


Patient monitors YR02170 // YR02172

8.4-inch touch screen, ECG (3 leads), Suntech NIBP, Masimo SpO2, RESP, singal TEMP, HR/PR,Multiple display interface...


Multi-parameter Patient Monitor YR02177        

Adult, kid and newborn monitoring are supported. Slim body with a hidden handle, easy to move;. Visual and audio alarm...


     Patient Monitor YR02175

Medium and high complexity semi-modular monitor, specially designed to be used in the ICU, Ward and Emergency Room in Adult, Pediatric or Neonatal...


Our best-selling Patient and Fetal Monitor

  • 12.1-inch, high-resolution LCD display; 35-million-click, long-lasting touchscreen display with Accutouch technology; Maximum 168 hours of graphic and tabular trends of all parameters; Adjustable breathing cable helps get accurate RESP readout for different patients; Slim 120mm design that's a modern and cheap place; 112mm removable wide-range printer can generate 7 waveforms simultaneously.
    12.1-inch high resolution LCD screen;
  • 35 million-click, long-lasting touchscreen display with Accutouch technology
  • Maximum 168 hours of graphical and tabular trends of all parameters;

Analysis of the best Patient and Fetal Monitor fo the Medical Sector

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Catalog of Patient and Fetal Monitor models on offer


Guidelines to become an expert in Patient and Fetal Monitor

Patient and Fetal Monitor equipment are essential products in the medical sector, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

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The Patient Monitor is a multifunctional instrument designed to monitor vital functional signs of adult and pediatric patients. This medicine...

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This medical equipment, required in clinics and hospitals, is used to monitor and control the vital signs of the patient connected to the device...

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