The use of laboratory ovens in the food industry is essential to guarantee and improve the safety and quality of food products, while at the same time providing the possibility of creating new food products with the capacity to preserve food for a longer time without compromising their quality and safety. The use of these technologies is therefore of great value to the food industry today. If they continue to be used responsibly, laboratory ovens will be a widely beneficial and necessary tool for the food sectors.

The laboratory oven is an essential piece of equipment for the food industry, as it provides the ability to heat food in a controlled manner prior to processing, which contributes to efficient preservation and transport processes. Therefore, its use is necessary to ensure that food products remain extra safe throughout the entire process.

Types of Laboratory Ovens a Laboratory May Need

Industrial Oven

Maintaining safety in the food industry laboratory is essential when it comes to food production processes and projects. Some of these laboratories include the use of laboratory ovens, which allow food scientists and professionals to heat some mixtures and foods prior to full production. However, when working with laboratory ovens, there are certain safety precautions that must be taken.

Vacuum ovens

Vacuum drying oven widely used in biochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, health care, agricultural research, environmental protection and other research applications for powder drying and roasting,as well as disinfection and sterilization of glass containers used. Particularly suitable for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed, and the complex composition of easily oxidized material items for fast and efficient drying.
A variety of complex mechanical components or other porous samples after cleaning using a vacuum drying method, completely dry without leaving any residual material.


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Vacuum Drying Oven YR05265-1 (SS) // YR05995 (S)

The vacuum environment greatly reduces the boiling point of the liquid to be removed, so vacuum drying can be easily applied to heat sensitive substances...


Single Door Industrial Air Drying Oven YR05256 // YR05258

Microcomputer intelligent temperature control, digital display; centrifugal wind wheel, heat flow evenly; large studio space, fast heating time..


Electric heating drying oven YR05244

 Suitable for a higher temperature uniformity requirements user. The basis of laboratory research units supporting equipment, use recommended for intermediate and senior...


Electric heating drying oven YR05248

The shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel with environmental electrostatic spray treatment with nice overall color design suitable for all labs....


Our Best Selling Oven

Model YR05259-2
Voltage (V) 220
Temp range (℃) RT+5 ~300
Accu racy (℃) ±1
Fluctuation (%) ±1
Power (KW) 0.8~1.6
Inner size (mm) 250*250*250
Overall dimension (mm) 480*520*400
Packing size (mm) 600*600*480
Net weight 19

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Differences between a Ovens and a Laboratory Incubator

The region became culturally distinguishable from the Lowlands from the later Middle Ages into the modern period.

What are the safety precautions for Laboratory Oven use in the food industry?

In many food industry laboratories, the stove is powered by a fuel source, such as oil or gas. This means that the safety of stove use must always be in mind. This means that users must ensure that the stove does...

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Laboratory Ovens in operation

Laboratory ovens are intended to provide an enclosed space in which the temperature and time of exposure to materials for dry sterilization can be controlled. Most ovens are made of heat-resistant materials that can be used for most sterilization processes. These ovens generally consist of a safe box with a high temperature range, which varies from 200°C to more than 250°C. In addition, some models also have advanced control equipment to monitor the temperature accurately.

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