Laboratory shakers

Laboratory agitators are electromechanical devices commonly used in laboratories to homogeneously mix solutions and suspensions. These are usually made up of a plate, which is moved by an electric motor. The sample to be mixed is placed in a container, which can be a beaker, tube or flask, which is positioned on a vibrating surface.

These equipment are used in the manufacture of chemicals, cosmetics, food, coatings among others. They are easy to adapt to small spaces and are easy to move from one place to another.

Types of laboratory stirrers a laboratory may need

Roller Mixer YR05762

YR05762 digital roller mixer provides a gentle but highly efficient rocking and rolling motions, ideal for mixing blood samples...


Vortex Mixer YR05761

YR05761  plate vortex mixer is best solution for shaking 96 well micro plate and other small size testing tube, centrifuge...


Orbital Shaker YR05765

Brushless DC motor, long life, no need maintenance, Overcurrent protection function, automatically eut...


Rotation Mixer YR05763

The rotary mixer is used for tissue culture, extraction, and determination of sedimentation rate (including...


Our Best Selling Agitator

They are the most used in laboratories and in turn the safest, because they use shaker bars that can be disinfected. This type of mixer consists of a plate with a magneto or a series of electro magnets, arranged in a circular shape at the bottom, which create a rotating magnetic field that acts by an electric motor commanded by an electronic device. The stirring (magnetic) bar, normally coated with an inert film such as Teflon, is placed inside the container and the vessel or container is placed on top of the plate. Once running, the shaker bar begins to rotate, propelled by the electric motor that moves the magnets. The size and shape of the magnetic bar determine the effectiveness of the stirring process, considering a constant speed. Some models of magnetic stirrers also have a heating system - some reach up to 300ยบC - to heat the samples at the same time they are stirred.

Analysis of the best Agitators for your laboratory

Laboratory shakers:   differences

Laboratory shakers, also known as mixers, are laboratory products used, in the chemistry and biology sectors...


          Laboratory vortex mixer                    

A laboratory vortex mixer is a device used to shake tubes and laboratory vessels to mix the liquids within them...


Vortex: is it a mixer, shaker or shaker?

A vortex is a type of shaker also called a vortex mixer, this is a simple device commonly used in laboratories...


What is a vortex shaker?

A vortex shaker is a simple device commonly used in laboratories to mix small vials of liquid. It consists of an...


Guides to becoming an expert in Agitators

Agitators are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert...

Tube shakers in a laboratory?

The agitators for tubes in a laboratory are equipment used in laboratories to mix tubes with liquid, and thus obtain homogeneous..

What is a laboratory magnetic stirrer?    

A magnetic stirrer is laboratory equipment that uses a rotating magnetic field to mix one or more solutes with a solvent ...

Laboratory Shaker: What are its uses and importance?

An agitator is an instrument for use by laboratories mostly of chemistry and biology, it is used to mix solutions or preparations...

Laboratory shakers: porcelain or glass dishes

The laboratory shaker are electromechanical devices that are commonly used in specialized chemistry and / or biology laboratories to homogeneously mix solutions and suspensions for tests and trials...

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