Laboratory Stirrer Used to Mix, Agitate, and Homogenize a Variety of Liquid Materials

The Laboratory Stirrer, also known as a laboratory mixer, is an electronic device designed to mix, agitate, and homogenize a variety of liquid materials together. It has evolved over time and is now widely used in life science, chemical, electrical, pharmacological, and clinical medicine laboratories. Laboratory shakers are used to mix and homogenize robust, advanced and complex liquid materials much more quickly and safely. They are also used to develop ultra-fine products and to control the viscosity of liquid materials.ย 

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Laboratory Stirrer Operation

Laboratory shakers are powered by an external energy source, depending on the model used. Some laboratory shakers operate with an electrical power supply, while others need to be used with vacuum pumps or hydraulic sources. Mixing devices consist of one or more impellers, which are a series of paddles or rollers placed on the shaft of the stirrer. These impellers impart a rotation to the liquid, effectively mixing its contents. The size and type of impeller varies depending on the application.ย 

Laboratory stirrers can be static or dynamic. Static stirrers have fixed rotor blades and operate by stretching and retraction of solid materials. Dynamic stirrers, on the other hand, are used for mixing liquids and have interchangeable rotating impellers. The latter offer greater efficiency as the rotating impellers move over the bottom of the container. This allows for more homogeneous and faster mixing.ย 


A laboratory stirrer can be used in a wide variety of applications to mix, agitate, and homogenize liquid materials. Laboratory stirrers are often used in sedimentation testing, solvent, liquid sampling, membrane brushing, corrosion testing, sample preparation, and propagation testing. They are also widely used in the food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries for mixing different liquids at various temperatures and pressures. They are also used for cell plating, injectable application lines, emulsifying mixing lines, blood serum production, lipid homogenization, and vaccine production assay lines.ย 

In conclusion, the laboratory shaker is an important piece of equipment used in many life science, chemical, electrical, pharmacological, and clinical medicine laboratories. It is specifically designed to mix, agitate and homogenize a variety of liquid materials. It has various types of rotating and static impellers that allow for homogeneous and high quality mixing. These agitators are being increasingly used in fields such as the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries.