Laboratory Stirrers Must Be Calibrated Frequently to Ensure Reliable and Accurate Results

Laboratory stirrers are used for mixing liquids in many laboratories within the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and many other industries. These machines are of crucial importance in the search for results that are robust and reliable. For this reason, laboratory stirrers must be calibrated frequently to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Stirrer calibration is essential to ensure correct operation. This calibration allows equipment errors to be detected, as well as ensuring that consistent temperatures are maintained during the mixing process. This is essential for the results of the experiments to be reliable and accurate. For this reason, laboratory stirrers must be calibrated frequently to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Why is Stirrer Calibration Important?

It is important that shakers are calibrated regularly to ensure that the results obtained are accurate. Calibration can detect any deviations in machine performance. Abnormal results may indicate that the results of the mixing process are unpredictable. For this reason, laboratory shakers should be calibrated regularly to know if a piece of equipment is performing properly.

Other reasons why it is recommended to calibrate stirrers are to ensure that the equipment has a constant temperature, to be sure to maintain products at reliable conditions; to maintain low temperatures, to ensure better sample preservation, preventing any changes in the sample over time; and to avoid mixing of unwanted particles into the final mixture.

Stirrer Calibration Procedure

There are several ways in which shakers can be calibrated. The most common method is the calibration of thermometers and thermocouples. A temperature measuring device with a thermometer or thermocouple is used, which is inserted into the shaker to measure the temperature. This technology is used to control temperature and pressure usually in liquids.

Another method of calibrating stirrers is by using slotted voltmeters. These slots measure the sample size and mixing area to verify that the sample volume is adequate. This is especially useful for mass mixing and calibrating the quality of the work. Finally, the oscillometer is used to calibrate the shakers. This tool is used to find unnecessary noise or vibrations in the equipment. This is done by moving an arm next to the shaker to check the movement of the machine. If any abnormal noise is recorded, this may indicate that the equipment is performing abnormally, which can mean unpredictable results.

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