TOC Analyzer

The most crucial piece of equipment in any chemical or environmental laboratory is probably the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer. This valuable instrumentation provides accurate and timely measurements of the total organic carbon present in a sample and is essential for high quality and precision studies and research.

Type of TOC Analyzer that a Laboratory may require


To ensure that your Total Organic Carbon Analyzer readings are accurate, it is crucial that correct and consistent sampling methods are followed. Any variability or inconsistency in the sampling procedure can result in measurement errors. The optimal procedure begins with the proper selection of samples and ensures that they are free of contaminants that may affect readings during analysis. 


At Kalstein you can find the ideal TOC Analyzer for your Laboratory

There are an infinite number of models, so it's normal that you don't know which TOC Analyzer to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them so you can find what you are looking for.

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer YR04949

Adjustable cooling module power according to sampling volume which improves drying performance to ensure dry gas into the...


Total Organic Carbon Analyzer YR04950

Signal management system of our own national patent which has great advantages of online setting, real-time monitoring...


Total Organic Carbon Analyzer YR04950-1

Personalized standard curve management provides great convenience


Organic Carbon Analyzers YR04951

It is compact with stable running performance and could save 80% operation time. The positioning system adopts multi-sensors...


Our best-selling TOC Analyzer

  • Automatic sample introduction with enter of trace sample, we can control the value of the trace sample. No contamination will during testing which will be harmful to human being and environment.
  • It adopts UV Catalytic oxidation during which there is no need to add acid, gas or catalytic with low lost of routine maintenance cost.
  • 7 inches touch screen with operation panel, which is easy to operate and maintain.
  • The system is set with password for protection which is in compliance with FDA-21 CFR Part11 Requirements. Also, it is in compliance with USP32-643 requirements.
  • Auto sampler is optional which can be used for testing various different samples without person.
  • Special designed for testing water less than 1.5 ppm. Online and office testing function can be easily switched.
  • 8GB mass storage memory which does not restrict data and time.
  • Less than 3 minutes for each analysis.
  • Clear historical records which is traceable according to analysis date.
  • Data for specific whole day can be retrieved and saved to USB directly.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth printer which is easy to operate and print quickly.
  • Modular design ensures quick installation and easy maintenance.
  • Optional online monitoring device meets different requirements.

Catalog of TOC Analyzer models on offer


Guides to become an expert in TOC Analyzer

TOC Analyzer equipment are indispensable products in a laboratory, we provide you with guides and recommendations for a better use, so that you can work like an expert.

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The most crucial piece of equipment in any chemical or environmental laboratory is probably the

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