Benefits of Microplate Reader for Hepatitis B Screening

The Microplate reader is a computer designed to perform diagnostic tests applied to the detection of infectious diseases that represent a threat to the individual, or to require treatments with epidemiological monitoring. This equipment is highly functional through the practice of ELISA, being one of the most reliable tests performed in laboratories.

From the characterization of immune responses in inoculated or infected people, to the location of expression of a protein to be formulated in the cell extension, to execute quality control trials. And they’re very important, because having teams that can perform such assessments is the key.

Because there are many cases in the science, the detection of viruses such as Hepatitis B, the use of microplate readers will allow providing timely and cost-effective answers. And Kalstein has the ideal equipment for such measurements, thanks to its technological and digital power, it reaches exceed the expectations of users within laboratory practices.

Importance of the Microplate Reader for detecting Hepatitis B

The Microplate reader is the equipment that uses the ELISA test, consists of sheets containing wells where the samples rest to be studied, so that during laboratory practices, the sample is placed to detect any infectious agent, as the response to antibodies that cause the host, depending on the distribution of the assay chosen. As a result, Microplate readers identify chronically infected individuals, especially when the load of dangerous agents develops or decreases. However, sustained antibody collection in individuals can be achieved when the microbe itself cannot.

Hepatitis B is a highly infectious disease that affects the liver and can go asymptomatic to chronic processes, in which the health of the individual is compromised. Therefore, the ELISA method with the use of the Microplate Reader, is the direct immunoenzymatic method, and in practice towards the diagnosis the type of sandwich technique is applied, where the wells of the equipment are coated with reagents that act as capture antibodies. The wells are coated with monoclonal antibodies for various viral subtypes. Over the course of the study, the development of the practice, the sample, and antibodies attached to an enzyme are added to the wells and incubated. After incubation, the wells should be washed out to remove any unbound residue or material, and automatically add the appropriate substrates and then incubate and form shades of blue, indicating the amount of virus present in the sample.

All of these correspond to the Hepatitis B concentration present and are measured using the Microplate reader at 450/630-700 or 450 nm.


This type of practice is performed qualitatively in human serum or plasma, where the prognosis of the test is monitoring and diagnostic aid in the case of possible infection by the Hepatitis B virus. And to do so should adhere to the following recommendations and avoid accidents within the practices, such as:

  • In vitro training is done only by trained professional staff.
  • Do not use after the expiry date.
  • Avoid any contamination between the reagents.
  • The wells should be thoroughly washed ensuring performance for future testing.
  • Pipette the samples with new tips.
  • The surface of the Microplate should be clean and dry so that no well contains air bubbles.
  • Wear gloves to avoid imprinting.
  • Calibrate your computer correctly.

Kalstein Brand Microplate Reader

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  • External computerized system, with a large storage capacity for 1,000 test items and 1,000,000 results.

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