In a pathological anatomy laboratory: what is the function of a tissue inclusor?

The performance of the equipment of tissue inclusor, is used for the integration of paraffin as standard method in the production of tissue blocks, to cut it into sections. This procedure is performed using an inclusion center, surrounding the tissues with a medium such as paraffin wax, which when cooled and solidified, provides sufficient support for the section cut.

On the other hand, in most laboratories, sampling is a common and delicate process that must be carried out properly, so as not to compromise the results of the procedures and with the inclusion of tissues, allow a correct dehydrated layer, which responds to hardening and consistency, so that it can offer homogeneous and quality cuts.

Functions of the Tissue Incliner in a Laboratoryย 

The main objective of the tissue includer, is the most common method of hardening the tissue, is to infiltrate the sample with liquid substances, which after a process of polymerization or cooling, are solidified, without affecting the characteristics of the tissue. This results in cuts of the order of ยตm at nm, without the tissue breaking or deteriorating. In addition, they are a good method to preserve samples for long periods of time.ย 

The process of tissue hardening consists of supplanting the tissue water by a liquid medium capable of solidifying under the appropriate temperature conditions (in this case paraffin), in order to provide the sample with the appropriate consistency and homogeneity, to obtain very thin sections by means of the microtome. In the laboratories of pathological anatomy, this procedure is performed automatically for a better study.ย 

On the other hand, the inclusion is carried out by baths in molten paraffin (at temperatures above the melting point of the same, 58 ยฐ C).ย 

Inclusions are generally applied to:

  • To analyze diseases through the study of tissues.
  • In histopathology laboratories, for medical evaluations.
  • For research, in biology labs.

It should be noted that there are other means of inclusion that are used for tissue solidification activity, where techniques such as celloidine, nitrocellulose, polyethylene glycol or wax polyesters are involved, and all correspond to the hardening of the samples to be studied.ย 

Means of Inclusion of Tissues

According to the recognition of the tissues, taken in a laboratory of pathological anatomy, allows the development of the creation of the samples for study, and there are different means applied for the exact microscopic observation, taking into account that, the conservation of the material, allows the obtaining of thin and serial sections. Therefore, non-water-soluble means of inclusion exist, such as:ย 

  • Optical microscopy: It is the most widely used substance, such as paraffin, which contains saturated hydrocarbons and sometimes waxes. It is responsible for hardening at a temperature of 65ยบC, which offers many practical advantages, and the greatest possibilities for the application of later techniques, since it is chemically neutral, soluble in many solvents and easy to cut with blade.
  • Transmission electron microscopy: They are epoxy-like substances, which by mixing liquid monomers, solidify in the presence of a hot catalyst, without affecting the cellular ultrastructure. Some means of inclusion of acrylic type, are partially miscible in water, so the step of dehydration is not necessary.

That is why the way in which the hardening occurs, is versatile and depends on each of the means of inclusion.ย 

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