What is a pediatric bacinete?

July 1, 2022by Kalstein

The pediatric cot is a cradle that allows you to give security to the baby, for its perfect space and maximum comfort, in addition, facilitates the access to the nursing staff, as the best option for cots and rooms of joint stay. Also, it is used to receive discharge from the newborn unit, the newborns are located in an open cot without heating, which translates into pediatric cot.

During the baby’s stay in the hospital, the use of the cabinets is a convenient tool to always stay with his mother. Generally, in the maternal medical units, it has advantages for the health of the newborn, it is placed next to the mother’s bed, so that she can sleep near her.

It should be noted that pediatric cabinets are very complex with various medical equipment, consisting of incubators, thermal cots, mechanical fans, phototherapy lamps, infusion pumps, vital signs monitors and the necessary equipment, to assist newborns at all times until the mother and baby are discharged. 

Characteristics of the Pediatric Bicycle

In the health centers, the use of pediatric cabinets, facilitate access to newborns from the area of challenge, to the room where the mother is, is a means of transfer, comfortable and safe. 

It consists of a transparent, padded cradle, with an iron base of about one meter high, with wheels to facilitate the transfer of the newborns, it is also a hospital furniture, which allows both the mother and the nursing staff, have the full access to manipulate the newborn that is on the bank. 

In addition, it is the refuge of newborns, who have completed their gestational age or who, having been born early, or with some condition, require treatment and close monitoring for their recovery.

Most of the pediatric bacteria are used in the neonate’s retention areas, whose area has the appropriate technical equipment and qualified, trained and sensitized personnel to give the newborns the proper management that benefits and favors the evolution of healthy babies.

Mission of nursing staff and the use of the Pediatric Baccalaureate 

In health centers, and especially in the area of neonatology, nurses use the appropriate physical area and bacteria to care for the newborn at its three levels:

  • The healthy newborn from normal baccalaureate
  • The one who’s sick with intermediate care
  • The Critically Ill of Intensive Care

Therefore, the staff must meet the needs of the newborn, as well as maintain surveillance of the newborn during its stadium in this area. In addition, it allows the transfer of the newborn to the area of reten, in which they must identify him, placing the letterhead to the newborn and to the mother. Likewise, the staff must carry out an evaluation of the physical state of the newborn (head circumference, abdominal perimeter, thoracic perimeter, measures of upper and lower limbs, determine weight and length), since the newborn, being inside the bank, allows the staff to perform their evaluations, without the need to manipulate the baby, allowing to apply the relevant studies, such as ophthalmic prophylaxis, maintenance of thermoregulation and vital signs.

Safety of using the Pediatric Bicycle

Nurses at any health center and other staff must be trained to use these pediatric cabinets safely.

Often, when babies must stay in the hospital for one or several nights, parents stay with them, too. Among other things, parents whose children use a pediatric bank in any of the health care settings, should be trained in safe use and feel comfortable, so it should be:

  • Adjusted, ensuring by the features they possess 
  • Lifting and lowering the side of the boat
  • Positioning the mattress, if necessary
  • Lock or unlock the wheels.

Therefore, the parents who manipulate this tool and the medical personnel are responsible for the care, in the correct domain of the bank.

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