In a histology laboratory: what function does a fabric processor perform?

The tissue processor is a team that is in charge of the dehydration of the tissues by preimpregnation and infiltration, by immersing the sample in increasing concentrations of ethanol, immersing it in xylene; and infiltration by immersion in liquid paraffin.ย 

It should be noted that through histological processes, it prepares these tissues, to be observed and analyzed through a microscope. To do this, a series of objectives must be met, which meet the appropriate preparation, for its inquiry and this will be according to the type of microscope to use.ย 

Functions of the Fabric Processorย 

Initially, the histological development begins with the taking of the sample, then fixing it and maintaining the cellular and molecular structure in an unalterable way, with an organization as similar as possible, as they were in the living sample.ย 

The functions of the tissue processor are initiated by fixing, in containers with the sample, placing much higher amounts of fixative against the volume of the sample and is proceeded to leave a time of infiltration. This process should be done after the collection of material.

On the other hand, the tissues can be fixed, by quick freezing, which consists of a platform that cools at low temperatures on which the sample is placed. In this way, we proceed to obtain the sections that we want to study, with cutting machines, that allow to obtain sections of different thickness: ultrathin (order nm), semi-thin (0.5 to 2 ยตm), thin (about 3 to 10 ยตm) and thick (over 10 ยตm). Normally, the sections taken are stained with dyes that are water soluble, so the inclusion medium must be removed, so that the dyes can bind to the tissue. Ultrathin fractions (observed with the electron microscope) or semi-fine fractions (observed with the optical microscope) can be differentiated with heavy metals or dyes, respectively, without the need to remove the inclusion medium. Sections obtained from frozen samples can be processed or observed once taken to room temperature. Once the steps to process the tissues have been completed, they are studied with the microscope, to arrive at the respective conclusions.

Histological Methods for Processing Tissues

Histological practice is responsible for applying methods to make permanent preparations of cells and tissues, with the purpose of analyzing them, with the help of certain tools and various microscopes, to fulfill the purpose of:ย 

  • Promote thin cuts with the best possible morphological preservation, so that they can be observed, with the maximum resolution of the microscopes.
  • Store biological and chemical structures of cells and tissues, so that they are analyzed with specialized methods.
  • To access, to be studied in a single cut, the greater amount of the cellular and tissue structure.
  • To know the correlation between morphology and function of cellular and tissue structures.

To meet the high demands of such preparations, microtomes, allow extremely fine cuts. Because, they are cutting instruments for preparing preparations that are used in microscopy. Typically, modern microtomes allow cuts of a thickness of 0.5 ยตm.ย 

Finally, the study of the samples must be ordered and carried out with the appropriate methods; each should be treated as individually as possible.

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