Automation of Cleaning and Disinfection of ELISA Microplates

August 4, 2023by Kalstein

In the contemporary world there is an undeniable need to accelerate the results obtained in clinical diagnostic laboratories to ensure the well-being of all patients. To achieve this, laboratory officials have initiated in-depth research into the automation of the cleaning and disinfection processes of various equipment and devices. One of the devices whose cleaning and disinfection process has been improved so far are ELISA microplates.ย 

The automation of ELISA microplate cleaning and disinfection offers many benefits to clinical laboratories. These include a reduction in the amount of time a worker must spend cleaning and disinfecting each ELISA microplate. It also allows laboratory professionals to increase their efficiency in processing bulk results, reducing human error and ensuring telemetry of the results obtained.

Advantages of Microplate Cleaning and Disinfection Automation:ย 

One of the main advantages of automating the cleaning and disinfection of ELISA microplates is the significant decrease in the time required for manual cleaning and disinfection of each sample. Since each ELISA microplate is cleaned and disinfected individually, the manual process can be extremely laborious. By using automated cleaning and disinfection equipment, workers save time and results are obtained much faster.ย 

It also reduces the risk of human error. This is because each microplate is routinely cleaned and disinfected, following the pre-programmed steps of the device. This avoids the errors that sometimes arise when a microplate is overlooked during the manual cleaning and disinfection process.ย 

In addition, automating the cleaning and disinfection of ELISA microplates is also beneficial to the environment. Clinical laboratories are increasingly concerned with reducing the carbon footprint of their activities and automated cleaning and disinfection devices allow microplate disinfection and cleaning to be performed without the use of chemical disinfectants and detergents. This means that liquid waste is eliminated, and levels of smoke or particulate matter in the air are significantly reduced, minimizing environmental damage.ย 

Benefits of Automated Cleaning and Disinfection of ELISA Microplates

Automating the cleaning and disinfection of ELISA microplates offers clinical laboratories some key benefits. These include a reduction in the amount of time needed to process results, an improvement in the accuracy of analyses performed with ELISA microplates, as well as a low impact on the environment.ย 

These benefits are the reason why clinical laboratories are acquiring designer devices for the automation of ELISA microplate cleaning and disinfection processes. This is because process automation ensures that results are obtained quickly and efficiently, providing patients with the best possible results.

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