Coagulation as an Electro-Surgical Method

Electrosurgical methods are characterized by the controlled application of high-frequency alternating currents to living tissues. Its application is based on some basic electrophysiological principles. Currently, four electrosurgical methods are used in surgical dermatology:

  • Fulguration.
  • Desiccation.
  • Coagulation.
  • Electrotomy.

Electroacoustics and electrolysis approach electrosurgery itself. Today, dermatologists prefer coagulation and electrotomy. With modern electrosurgical units, pure cutting effect, pure coagulation or a combination of both effects can be selected. In any case, coagulation is an electrosurgical method that allows the cessation of bleeding.

How does clotting happen with electro-surgical?

Electrocoagulation uses 2 electrodes: a small, flat, active electrode and a large, flat, indifferent electrode. High-frequency alternating currents are used; the voltage is low and the current intensity relatively high. Severe tissue destruction is achieved with good hemostasis but only a moderate cutting effect.

A special form of electrocoagulation is bicoagulation. In this case, a neutral electrode is not required. This principle is used in clotting clips. The two branches are isolated from each other and the pressure of the attached tissue acts as resistance. When the current flows, the punctured tissue coagulates. Hemostasis is the main property of electrocoagulation. Therefore, it is also suitable for the removal of vascular lesions.

Treatment of Electrocoagulation Warts: Benefits of Treatment

Electrocoagulation is also known as electrocautery. One of the main advantages of electrocoagulation is that in most cases it is possible to completely remove the wart in a single session. When compared to surgically removed treatments, blood vessels at the affected site may be sealed at the same time. This results in a faster and less painful recovery after removing warts by electrocoagulation.

However, it should be noted that not all warts can be removed by electrocoagulation. In that sense, plantar warts usually grow inward rather than outward. In such cases, electrocoagulation is difficult or impossible to apply to the area. Whether warts can be removed by electrocoagulation depends on the following:

  • Type of wart.
  • Affected skin condition.
  • The method of intervention used.
  • The expertise of the treating physician, responsible for eliminating the wart.

Duration of treatment and post-electrocoagulation care

With electrocoagulation, the wart usually disappears or disappears within a few minutes. Thus, the operation time is relatively short and, thanks to local anesthesia, completely painless. The wound is cauterized with electricity to close it. Thus, after electrocoagulation, there is usually only slight pain, which is usually persistent. After electrocoagulation, the treated skin may be tender to touch, cold, and heat for several hours to several days. However, it can usually be relieved very well and specifically with:

  • Skin ointments.
  • Tinctures.
  • Medicinal creams (e.g. dyes).
  • Ointments. However, they should always be prescribed by a doctor. Not all wound medications and ointments are suitable for treating the skin after electrocoagulation.

In most cases, electrocoagulation is only part of a larger treatment plan. Depending on the type of infection and the wart, the full course of treatment may last for several weeks. Electrocoagulation usually completely removes infected tissue. This will reduce the chance of new warts forming. If new warts develop, they can be treated with follow-up treatment, which usually takes only a few minutes.

Why use a Kalstein electrosurgical generator?

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