Correct Maintenance and Care of PCR Thermalcyclers

PCR thermal cyclers, also known as temperature grinders, are crucial tools in the field of molecular biology and instrumental in performing protein and DNA assays. However, proper maintenance of these machines is vital to ensure the accuracy of the results they generate.ย 

Proper monitoring of their operation helps to increase their lifetime and provides optimal performance during PCR (polymerase chain reaction) experiments.

Regular maintenance is essentialย 

Regular attention and care of these devices is vital mainly because any failure can lead to inaccurate results that can affect the veracity of scientific research. In the laboratory, where accuracy is paramount, the regularity and consistency of maintenance of this equipment can be the difference between a successful experiment and a costly failure.

In addition to the accuracy factor, regular maintenance prevents the occurrence of more serious problems that could lead to the need to purchase new equipment. This also saves costs in the long run, since this prevention prolongs the lifetime of the thermal cycler.

General steps for proper maintenance and careย 

The maintenance and care of PCR thermal cyclers mainly involves three steps: cleaning, calibration and periodic software checks.

– Cleaning: Cleaning should be performed regularly to avoid accumulation of dust and other contaminants that may affect the efficiency of the equipment. Cleaning should be performed using mild, non-corrosive cleaning products to prevent any damage. Air ducts should also be cleaned to prevent overheating.

– **Calibration: This step is vital to ensure the accuracy of the results produced by the thermal cyclers. Calibration should be carried out by trained professionals and temperature uniformity in all wells should be verified.

– Software revisions: Keeping thermal cycler software up to date is crucial. Software updates often include improvements around the efficiency and accuracy of the machine.

Seek professional help when necessary

In some cases, problems with this equipment may be beyond the capabilities of lab technicians. It is in these cases when the help of an expert in laboratory equipment maintenance and repair is crucial. This is where investing in a professional maintenance service can be an excellent way to maintain the accuracy of results.

In short, proper maintenance of these devices is essential to ensure accurate results. By carrying out regular cleaning, machine calibration and constant software updates, the efficiency of the equipment can be increased.

What we offer you at Kalsteinย 

In addition, seeking professional help when necessary can prevent long-term damage, extending the lifespan of the thermal cycler and ultimately contributing to the effectiveness and accuracy of scientific research. Therefore, investing in the care and attention of this equipment translates into reliable results and contributes significantly to the development of science at the molecular level.

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