Exploring new scientific frontiers with laboratory microplate washers

Microplate washers, a patented product of recent years, have become one of the essential tools for scientific research. These modern devices offer an enormous possibility to efficiently and rapidly explore various scientific areas, especially those related to protein purification, molecular biology, gene analysis, microbiology and clinical diagnostics. Kalstein as a manufacturing company we make sure to cover all your needs and satisfy your laboratory requirements, reminding you that we are manufacturers, we have the best price, sales consultants in any window of the world, know our YR series of microplate washers HERE.

Microplate washing is performed through a process capable of separating and concentrating the sample, resulting in a better analysis result. The information obtained by the process is used to perform a wide range of scientific research, from identifying a specific bacterium to verifying the toxicity of a drug. This enables the discovery of new knowledge and faster findings that allow scientists to explore new scientific frontiers.

Advantages of using microplate washers

Perhaps the greatest advantage of laboratory microplate washers is their ability to provide a wealth of information and accurate results for researchers. These devices enable the simultaneous processing of thousands of laboratory samples, which means that results can be obtained quickly and accurately.

Microplate washers are designed to thoroughly clean acidic and alkaline chemicals from microplates and tubes and can automatically manipulate the volume of liquid according to the type of procedure being worked on. This equipment has the ability to handle large quantities of active ingredients, increasing the speed and accuracy of production, as well as dramatically reducing laboratory cost.

Ease of operation

Laboratory microplate washers offer researchers a great degree of ease and accuracy of operation. These devices provide a variety of preset programs that allow users to define the appropriate volume of liquid, pump speed, time interval, among other parameters. This allows users to save time and effort by adjusting the operation parameters according to the specific needs of a given investigation. To ensure accurate results, the microplate washer incorporates an automatic mechanism that monitors the process, verifying that all variables are constantly within the limits of a predefined range.

Laboratory microplate washers have proven to be an indispensable tool for scientific research. Not only do they provide a wealth of information and accurate results for researchers, but they also offer considerable flexibility for any type of protocol, as well as exceptional efficiency when processing and cleaning very large quantities of laboratory samples. These qualities have made laboratory microplate washers one of the essential scientific instruments available to researchers today to explore new scientific frontiers.

Greater Flexibility and Increased Efficiency

Microplate washers also offer many additional advantages, including a high degree of flexibility for any type of protocol. These modern devices can be adjusted to work with various sizes and formats of microplates and tubes, which will allow users to perform experiments in different volume ranges. This allows them to diversify their research beyond traditional studies. These instruments can also handle liquids with different pH values, as well as volatile solvents, allowing them to address many types of experiments.

Another advantage is the speed and efficiency with which laboratory microplate washers work. These modern machines can process and clean up to four thousand samples per hour, allowing researchers to eliminate both time and possible human error when performing various protocols. This also allows them to save large amounts of costs and resources by avoiding multiple microplate production and washing processes. The increased precision, speed and efficiency enable users to discover new scientific insights faster and with greater accuracy, allowing them to explore new scientific frontiers.