For use with a portable ultrasound scanner?

This handheld ultrasound device is small and very low cost, has as advantages that makes ultrasound more simple, also allows you to be everywhere inside the hospital, facilitating the doctor’s tour of the patient’s body; it is used in a variety of applications in different departments, the widest for a single ultrasound probe, making it an imaging device for the whole body, in urological, abdominal, fetal, cardiovascular, gynecological and musculoskeletal applications, among others.

Since the pandemic it has been used as a remote medicine system, using the new technology that allows the scanner to be connected to virtual elements, and allows a user to be guided remotely in the handling of the device, through a mobile phone; This portable ultrasound scanner has a portable integrated electronic circuit system that allows you to connect to a smartphone using a USB cable.ย 

How the portable ultrasound scanner works

This device is composed of small quartz crystals called transducers, which vibrate when they absorb electrical current, causing ultrasonic waves that are able to travel through a body, whose echoes return to the crystals, which emit electrical currents that can be translated into images by electronic means.

It has a sensor similar to a conventional ultrasound transducer, which slides over the patient’s body to scan it, this device can operate perfectly two hours, thanks to its integrated battery and wireless charging system, it also has a probe that connects to the mobile phone by a cable that is controlled through an App that is installed on the phone and allows capture, interpret and comment the results online.ย 

Portable Ultrasound Scanner Utility

  • Due to the advantages of this computer, its utility adapts to different areas, thanks to it is portable and its battery is durable, it adapts perfectly for use in anesthesia, optimizes images and through the software can be customized and configured for anesthesia.
  • Portable ultrasound scanner provides two images in two planes simultaneously
  • There are models of portable ultrasound scanners specially designed for surgery and for the investigation of urological diseases.
  • These scanners are used in other applications, such as gynecological examinations, fetal scanning and radiology.
  • Portable ultrasound for physiotherapy: this device sends out mechanical waves that have a higher frequency that allows them to propagate, which generates a kind of deep heat.
  • It is used to guide procedures such as aspiration biopsies, in which needles remove cells from an abnormal area for laboratory testing.
  • They are used to get an image of the breasts and guide the biopsy of breast cancer.
  • It helps diagnose various coronary heart diseases, in addition to possible valve problems and congestive heart failure, and assess damage after a heart attack.ย 
  • Ultrasound of the heart is commonly known as “echocardiogram.”
  • It helps diagnose the causes of pain, swelling, and infection in the internal organs of the body.
  • It is used to examine the fetus in pregnant women.
  • They are used to evaluate the brain, hips, and spine in young children

In general, the applications and utilities of these devices are similar to the functions performed by the conventional ultrasound scanner, but with the advantage that it is a computer of less value, less weight, easy to move, comfortable and easy to use.

Advantages of portable ultrasound scanner

This equipment has as advantages the opportunity to provide primary care of the patient a direct response in the emergency area, the portable ultrasound scanner allows home care, assistance in the emergency room or even on board an ambulance, it is an advance in the evaluation and diagnosis in cases of emergency.

In the case of communities that are removed from health centers or have difficult access, portable ultrasound scanners are the best option, since those who provide support to these communities can take this equipment with them, giving an immediate response. Even for the veterinary sector, these equipment perform well.

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