Freezers why should samples be frozen in an ultrafreezer

July 20, 2022by Kalstein

The quality and reliability of the laboratories depends on the equipment with which they work, that is why, through the use of freeze-driers, they are responsible for complying with the conservation of samples by means of freezing processes, through methods that are used for the soft drying or conservation of thermally sensitive samples. 

It should be noted that for the conservation of the samples, freezing temperatures below -90ºC are required, apart from typical safety considerations.

That is why, with the use of this equipment, the maximum safety in freezing required of samples is achieved. 

Mechanisms of Lyophilizers

The conservation of samples, through freeze-drying processes, is an increasingly widespread practice in laboratories, where not only liquid-based samples are held, but also allows preservation by means of ultra-freezing mechanisms as an appropriate result. Freeze-drying is the mildest process for drying products, and is the best method for drying organic or inorganic compounds without altering their qualitative or quantitative composition.

The mechanisms of freeze-dryers are based on the drying that occurs directly from the frozen state, without going through the liquid phase. In addition, the process starts from drying in round-bottom flasks, wide neck filtration bottles, blisters, etc. The product, is prefrozen externally in a freezer or cooling bath, and then connected to the freeze-drier, through a three-way rubber valve in which each container, can be individually mounted and disassembled.

Freezing results from direct contact with the cold platform (driving). A standard method, at production scale and in pilot systems for the development of the process or its optimization.

However, freeze-drying processes have some drawbacks, such as the long duration of operation, and facilities and maintenance, as well as the high energy consumption required.

Importance of freeze-dryers 

The importance in the use of lyophilizers, is due to the conservation of the samples without any type of preservative, which allows to carry vacuum and low temperatures the dehydration of the samples, avoiding the denaturalization of the same and allowing the conservation of all cells, enzymes, bacteria, yeasts, viruses, vaccines, serums, blood products, algae, among others.

That is why freeze-driers are able to convert dry products preventing the passage through their liquid phase, and prevents chemical, enzymatic and biological changes, preserving the characteristics of the original substances, without breaking down the physicochemical structure of the sample. Also, prepare samples for chemical or biochemical analysis. 

In addition, the means for freeze-drying a sample consists of several stages:

  • Freezing of the sample at low temperatures, 
  • Drying of frozen product by sublimation 
  • Product storage.

Finally, the effects of freeze-drying on the samples are key to preserving them, as well as pharmaceutical and biological products that should not be heated even at moderate temperatures. 

When samples are unique, cannot be replaced or are simply not available in large quantities, it is critically important to keep those samples under the right conditions, while being monitored and protected.

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