How is the water distiller composed?

Distillers are devices used to purify water by distillation. In this article we will focus on the water distiller, however, distillation equipment is used in a wide variety of industries, in order to separate mixtures of liquids that have different boiling points and to obtain pure liquids from non-volatile impurities.

In the case of water, the distiller performs its purification through consecutive and controlled processes of vaporization and cooling, which allows separating the water molecules from other molecules or elements that are diluted.

In distillation, metals such as lead, nitrate and other particles are removed. It also separates magnesium and calcium minerals that give water hardness attributes.ย  This process also kills microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The design of this equipment varies from model to model and usually depends on the capacity of the appliance. In each establishment, a distiller model is chosen, according to the volumes of water required.

Generally speaking, it consists of a steam generator or boiling tank, immersion resistors, cooling water outlet, condenser, filter and distilled water tank.

Parts of water distiller

  • Boiling tank: The boiling tank is the reservoir where the water that will be distilled is stored. They can be made of glass or stainless steel. It has the device that supplies the water to the tank, in addition to controls of level and flow of the feed water, which prevents on the decrease of the water level in the boiling tank or any failure in the water supply of the service network. It usually has the right installation for charging water, from the network of services.
  • Immersion resistors: Immersion resistors are devices that generate heat through electricity. They are covered by a ceramic coating and protected by a metal coating. By conducting the electric current through them, the immersion resistors heat the water directly from inside the tank. The resistors are equipped with a thermostat, which ensures that it stops working, if the water in the tank is heated to a certain temperature. Once the water temperature drops below the set, the sensor will turn the resistor back on.
  • Condenser: The condenser is the device that allows the steam to cool down and return to the liquid phase. This piece can be made of glass or stainless steel and formed by an inner coil, where the liquid that is subjected to distillation circulates. In the case of distillers using water for cooling, this coil shall be surrounded by a liner where the water bath circulates which lowers the temperature of the coil. This shirt, will have the inlet and outlet of water to cool the coil. Other distillers use a small fan to cool with air.
  • Filter: It is an activated carbon filter and is located at the outlet of the condenser or collector and serves to remove flavors or particles, present in condensed water.
  • Distilled water tank: This is the tank where water is collected after distillation. It can be plastic or stainless steel.

Kalstein distillers

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