Importance of the laminar flow hood in the handling of medical specimens

The laminar flow bell is a vital tool in clinical laboratories, hospitals and other medical care facilities that offer evidence and procedures involving the manipulation of medical samples. This technology-based tool is critical to maintain sample quality, to ensure the safety of the professionals handling the sample, and to ensure that the quality of the results is not affected by contamination that occurs during the handling process. In this tool, laminar flow is used to reduce the amount of microorganisms that are entrained in the air and come into contact with a sample being handled.

This equipment for handling medical samples is an extremely important tool to ensure the safety, quality and results of medical procedures that involve biological material. This tool is a safe and effective solution to reduce the minimum exposure to personal infectious agents, as well as to ensure the accuracy of clinical results. The laminar flow bell provides an effective isolation against pollution, resulting in accurate and reliable sampling results.

Laminar Flow Hood Barriers

The laminar flow bell consists of a camera with two accesses or burlesque. The first acts as a barrier to prevent any contaminants from entering the chamber. Once inside, the fan-driven laminar flow ensures the vertical-horizontal flow of air to create a stable air barrier between the sample and the handler.ย 

The laminar flow is controlled to maintain a slightly negative pressure inside the hood; this helps prevent any contaminants from exiting the hood. When this mechanism is combined with proper techniques for handling the sample correctly, employing techniques such as using sterile gowns, sterile gloves and a proper chin guard, good isolation against microbial contamination is achieved.

Advantages of the laminar flow hood

The laminar flow hood first appeared in the field of science, where a guarantee of the microbiological purity of samples was required to perform experiments without risk of cross-contamination. As the laminar flow hood expanded its use, hospitals, clinics and other medical centers recognized its benefits for safe and effective sample handling. For example, it is used to perform DNA extraction, ECyM and PCR in clinical laboratories.

The laminar flow hood also ensures the quality of clinical results by minimizing exposure to cross-contamination. This is achieved by preventing microorganisms from coming into contact with the sample and becoming contaminated, thus reducing the possibility of erroneous or inconsistent results at the clinical level. In addition, the chamber design ensures that laboratory personnel are protected from the possible harmful effects of the chemical or microbiological solvent.

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