Is laboratory Fluorometer technology the best tool for sample analysis?

Laboratory fluorometers are incredibly useful in sample analysis. These high-tech tools have a variety of applications that make them an excellent choice for use in scientific research. This tool has the ability to take a sample and detect the major components. This is accomplished with the help of a photonic camera, which detects ultraviolet, visible and infrared rays.ย 

Due to their minimal sizes and light weight, laboratory fluorometers do not require high pressure and allow to quickly take data from samples of different size and type. Kalstein as a manufacturing company we make sure to cover all your needs and satisfy your laboratory requirements, reminding you that we are manufacturers, we have the best price, sales consultants in any window of the world, meet our YR series of fluorometers HERE.

What makes laboratory fluorometers an ideal tool for sample analysis?

Laboratory fluorometers are extremely accurate and reliable as a sample analysis tool. This tool is capable of identifying residual unwanted chemicals with an accuracy of up to 0.1 ppm. This unique feature allows them to be part of clinical testing processes or environmental analysis with highly accurate results. The LED lights used in this tool do not produce a heating effect on the liquid, which speeds up the analysis process by avoiding sample heating.

The highlight of Kalstein as a fluorometer manufacturer, we have YR412-A model, which has the following features: Simple: 4.3 inch touch screen, small and easy to use, Easy measurement in 3 seconds for DNA, RNA and protein, High sensitivity: the lowest DNA detection limit is 0.5pg / ul, Two optical channels: equipped with two fluorescence channels for nucleic acid, protein quantification in one detection, Linear dynamic range: five orders of magnitude. Aperture system: you can combine the instrument with the reagent of your choice, Can store up to 1,000 data and output data via USB port, Adapter: 0.5 ml qPCR tube adapter 0.2 ml qPCR tube adapter.

How does laboratory fluorometer technology compare with traditional methods?

Laboratory fluorometers can do an excellent job when compared to traditional methods for sample analysis, such as distillation, titration and optical absorption methods. These traditional methods require much more manual labor, and can be time-consuming, costly and time-consuming to obtain the desired results. Laboratory fluorometers offer rapid identification of the main components and the results obtained are much more accurate. This allows the researcher to have, in a reduced period of time, results with high reliability for analysis.

In conclusion, laboratory fluorometers are a very useful tool for sample analysis. This tool has an accuracy of up to 0.1 ppm to identify the presence of unwanted chemicals. Its speed of processing makes this method a good resource for scientific research. Laboratory fluorometer technology far surpasses traditional methods of sample analysis by offering highly accurate results and speed of processing. Therefore, it is confirmed that laboratory fluorometers are the best tool for sample analysis.