Key Strategies for Optimal Maintenance of an Industrial Washing Machine in the Medical Sector

The use of an industrial washer has become an integral part of cleaning and disinfection procedures in the medical sector. This equipment offers the perfect solution for washing large quantities of bed linen, uniforms and other clinical textiles, guaranteeing high levels of hygiene and quality. Given its importance and frequency of use, it is crucial to know how to ensure its proper functioning and durability.ย 

Keeping an industrial laundry machine in the medical sector in good condition requires a combined approach of frequent inspections and predictive maintenance, regular cleaning and the correct use of detergents, as well as proper staff training and respect for the duty cycle. By implementing these steps systematically, we can maximize the efficiency and durability of industrial washers, ensuring continued high quality hygiene in medical environments.

Frequent Inspections and Predictive Maintenance

The maxim “prevention is better than cure” applies perfectly to the maintenance of an industrial washing machine. Rather than waiting for problems to arise, frequent inspections and a predictive maintenance approach are recommended. This includes proactive actions such as checking drive belts, bearings, and water inlets and outlets regularly.ย 

It also considers variations in machine sound or performance as potential indications of emerging problems. Regular inspections allow for early identification and treatment of any signs of wear or damage, preventing unexpected and costly failures.ย 

Regular Cleaning and Correct Use of Detergents

Accumulation of detergent and softener residues can cause clogging of various parts of the industrial washer, affecting its efficiency. Therefore, regular cleaning of the detergent dispenser and hot water wash programs are recommended to remove any residue accumulated in the drum.

In addition, the type and amount of detergent can influence the performance of the machine. It is important to use the detergents and softeners recommended by the manufacturer, and in the correct dosages to prevent unnecessary damage to the industrial washer and to ensure effective cleaning.

Personnel Training and Cycle Duty Service

Training personnel in the correct use and maintenance of the industrial washer is essential to avoid mishandling that can lead to premature wear and tear. Only trained personnel should be in charge of the operation and maintenance of this equipment.

In addition, paying attention to the service cycle recommended by the manufacturer is vital. The duty cycle refers to the number of operating hours expected before maintenance is required. Generally, the manufacturer provides this interval in the user manual. Adhering to this schedule ensures a longer service life and efficiency of the industrial washing machine.

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