Multidisciplinary Applications of Operating Tables in the Healthcare Sector

The operating table, a central element in the theater of surgery, is vital to the success of any medical procedure. Its development over the years has made it an indispensable tool not only for surgeons, but also for various disciplines in medicine.ย 

Operating tables are not only tools for the operating room. Their evolution and adaptation over the years has allowed their application in various areas of medicine. Whether in surgery, gynecology, obstetrics or diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, operating tables play a crucial role in patient care and treatment. It is imperative that healthcare professionals recognize and utilize these valuable tools to the fullest to provide the best patient care.

General and Specialty Surgery

Operating tables have unparalleled utility in surgery. They facilitate patient comfort, stability and safety during surgery, allowing the surgeon to concentrate solely on the procedure. In general surgery, adjustable operating tables are used to adapt the patient’s position according to the location of the surgical site.

In specialized surgery, on the other hand, more advanced operating tables are used. For example, in orthopedic surgery, there are tables with accessories that allow precise positioning of the extremities. In neurosurgery, tables are able to rotate and tilt, giving the surgeon more comfortable access to the brain or spinal cord.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Operating tables are not only used in the operating room. In obstetrics and gynecology, they are found in the center of the delivery room and in the examination clinic. Here, the operating table serves multiple functions, from supporting the birthing process to facilitating invasive and noninvasive gynecological procedures. Its adjustment features facilitate different positions for patient comfort and physician efficiency.

Finally, another crucial application of operating tables is in diagnostic and imaging therapy departments. Many interventional procedures, previously performed exclusively in the operating room, are now handled in these departments thanks to radiolucent operating tables. These allow clear visualization of radiographic images without having to move the patient. These tables are also used extensively in interventional radiology and radiotherapy procedures.

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