Biolum Portable ATP Hygiene Monitoring System YR06071

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

YR06071 portable hygiene monitoring system, a powerful tool to implement and manage your hygiene monitoring program. Taking advantage of the progressive check swab, the level of hygiene will be assessed in seconds and the results can be displayed on screen. is an easy to use, flexible and accurate quality control system incorporating the latest technology. It has all the features to maximize its value to your business.

Product features

Detect up to 1016 mole of ATP

Powerful memory capacity

255 test plans, 255 user IDs, 2000 test programs, 1000 results


Connect the PC via USB, connect the printer or the application on the cell phone with Android system and pad via Bluetooth

Technical specifications
Model YR06071
Dimensions 189mmx70mmx35mm
Weight 280g
Detection limit 10-16 moles ATP
Detection deviation ±5% or ±5 RULs
Autocalibration at start-up 15s or 60s
Real-time detection time 10s/test
Memory capacity 256 test plans, 256 user IDs, 2,000 test programs and 10,000 results
Communication interface USB, Bluetooth
Repeatability of tests 8%-20%
Correlation coefficient R2≥0.995
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Duration Continuous operation for 8 hours, standby for 600 hours.
Operating temperature 5-40℃
Operating humidity range 20-80%

Additional Information

Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 7 cm

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