Thermal cycler YR01869-2



The YR01869-2 automatic nucleic acid extractor is a compact and flexible automatic nucleic acid extractor designed with rotary mixing technology (RMT). It can flexibly compose 16 x n different flow rates to meet the simultaneous extraction needs of different projects without interfering with each other. In addition to its excellent performance, it has also won the German Red Dot Design Award 2021 for its user-friendly design. With flexible performance and a separate extraction module, it can be your ideal choice for faster and more immediate testing tasks.

Product features
Highly flexible to your needs:

YR01869-2 can flexibly compose 16 x n different yields to meet simultaneous extraction needs without interfering with each other. With a separate extraction module, it can meet your different but immediate testing needs of various applications.

Automated workflow and remote updating:

Automatic identification of reagent protocols and mixing sleeve positions; Remote updating and maintenance of instruments and reagent programs.

Ease of initiating experiments anywhere:

Thanks to its mobile power, you can start the experiment anywhere to meet the testing needs of different scenarios.

Measures to minimize contamination:

UV lamp;
Internal negative pressure;
HEPA filtration;
Rotary mixing to reduce aerosols;
Possibility to work inside a biosafety cabinet for highly contaminated samples.

Easy to use and comfortable:

Operation with 6.86-inch touch screen or APP control for smartphone/tablet with Wifi connection;
Automatic shutdown after UV disinfection;
Noiseless design.

Technical specifications
Model YR01869-2
Throughput 16
Processing Volume 20-1700μL
Sample Processing Volume 200-500μL
Compatible Consumables Customized 96-deep-well plates, single 6-strip tubes
Inter-well Difference CV≤3%
Mixing Method Rotary mixing
Rotary Speed 100~3000rpm
Temperature Control Range Temperature control separately for lysis and elution.
Temperature range from 30°C to 120°C.
Temperature Control Accuracy Heating speed: 4.0±0.2°C/s.
Temperature accuracy: ±1.0°C.
Temperature uniformity:≤1.0°C.
Languages Chinese/English
Protocol Management Flexible to create, edit and delete protocols
Operation Mode Mode 1: Android systems in smartphones/tablets
Mode 2: 6.86 inch full-color LCD screen
Automatic Control Automatic opening and closing of the experiment cabin
Reagent Identification Automatic identification of reagent information and running the assays
Mixing Sleeve Monitoring Real-time monitoring of the mixing sleeves status in experiment
Magnetic Bead Residue ≤1%
Power Failure Protection Choose freely whether or not to continue the experiment when the power is on again after cutting off
Disinfection Ozone + UV disinfection
Auto Power-off Auto power-off after UV disinfection
Negative-Pressure Filtration Negative pressure HEPA filtration module
Connection Port Type USB port
Weight 7.4Kg (net)
Instrument Dimensions 210mm(L)*229mm(W)*242mm(H)
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 34 × 29 × 31 cm

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