What are the parts of a Wheelchair?

The wheelchair is a support instrument used for the movement of people who have problems with partial or total mobility. This equipment designed to help and facilitate the transfer, has a material that makes it resistant without being difficult to carry, besides it has side wheels that make the mobility of a person more comfortable. With the help of this type of personal car, people can take tours on any surface and public space.

The wheelchair is one of the physical devices used for the technical support of people who have conditions that make their physical abilities impossible, such as disability, paraplegia, quadriplegia and any other deficiency that prevents the activities of the locomotor apparatus. They can improve and enable the person to carry out activities and to integrate socially.

A person uses a wheelchair because of an illness, accident, or because throughout life, after reaching old age, they lose mobility. For this reason, the wheelchair is a key device that becomes a good option to regain freedom. It is essential to know, according to each patient and their degree of mobility, what type of wheelchair you need, knowing first its parts and functions.

Parts of a Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are devices used by people who have some degree of difficulty moving, either due to an illness or traumatic event, such as amputations and accidents, among others. Each patient must take into account various aspects when purchasing a wheelchair, as it is essential that the wheelchair adapts as well as possible to this. It is for this reason that one must have knowledge about the characteristics and parts that make up a wheelchair.

Currently there are several wheelchair models on the market, from manual, electric, sports, off-road or trail, for the beach or the countryside and small models for interiors, among others. All of these models have the right features to provide the user with greater mobility and comfort. However, a wheelchair in general, consists of 5 essential parts, and these are:

  • Chassis: also called frame, it is made of aluminum or steel material and can be foldable or rigid.
  • Wheels: come of different size and material. The front wheels are for steering and the rear wheels allow stability.
  • Backrest and seat: essential part of the wheelchair, this depends, in most part, the comfort and stability that the person will have.
  • Armrest: located on both sides of the seat, so that the user comfortably places his arms. Depending on the person’s needs, they can be disassembled and their height adjusted.
  • Footrest: Where the feet remain, this part prevents the person from tripping over the front wheels while moving.


The wheelchair is a fundamental tool for self-movement and movement, with the help of a third party or through an electrical system, of a person who has completely or partially lost his mobility or who is in the process of recovery after an accident. This instrument allows, in most cases, users to be dependent.

According to the structure, accessories and measurements of the wheelchair, each one has its function, so it is important to know about them before acquiring them, since these come with the specific characteristics according to the needs of the user and his environment, thus avoiding consequences for their incorrect use. On the other hand, you should also know the level of user dependency, since this is a definite point when choosing a model.

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