What happens after phototherapy?

Phototherapy is a methodology used to treat neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, a clinical condition characterized by high blood bilirubin levels in newborns. Through this technique, these bilirubin values can be reduced by using light.

This technique is based on the ability of electromagnetic radiation (light) to act at the skin level on bilirubin, giving rise to a photochemical excitation phase where the transformation of bilirubin into other less toxic products occurs, and are more easily excreted.ย  Because serum bilirubin is increased physiologically in newborns because they have a higher mass of red blood cells and a lower ability to conjugate and excrete bilirubin, due to glucuronyltransferase deficiency and low albumin concentration and because they do not possess the intestinal bacteria involved in their elimination.

What is achieved with phototherapy?ย  And what happens after her?

Phototherapy is a technique that decreases the levels of bilirubin in the blood, the greater effect of phototherapy is achieved in the first 24-48 hours of treatment, then decreases somewhat the efficacy possibly due to photobilirubin that has occurred during treatment has become natural bilirubin at the level of the intestine after its hepatic excretion.

Currently phototherapy is considered a safe methodology with no known long-term effects. Most side effects disappear after treatment is stopped, although phototherapy sessions will always be performed for a justified cause and both excess duration and unnecessary use will be avoided.

What is the protocol for phototherapy?

Phototherapy involves the exposure of the newborn to a fluorescent light source. The child undergoing phototherapy will be placed naked under the fluorescent lights, with the eyes protected to avoid eye damage (corneal ulcers and retinopathies). It is important to note that the type of light used for phototherapy is special because of the intensity to which it is applied; therefore, any type of lamp is not useful.

Light from phototherapy works by breaking down bilirubin by photooxidation, thus increasing its excretion and thus decreasing its blood levels.v The efficacy of phototherapy to treat hyperbilirubinemia in newborns depends on: the intensity of the light emitted by the lamps used in the phototherapy units, have an emission spectrum close to that of the bilirubin absorption, the postnatal age of the newborn, gestation age, its birth weight, the cause of jaundice and the value of bilirubin at the beginning of treatment.

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  • LED fluorescent lamp as radiant elements of phototherapy.
  • The curing angle of the lamp can be adjusted horizontally.
  • The height of the lamp head can be adjusted.
  • The stainless steel bracket can be adjusted.
  • Wheels can be locked
  • Timer to record the phototherapy operation.
  • Use in incubators, irradiant heat moses and any type of moses.
  • The YR02194 unit with blue fluorescent tube has a separate frame that can be used with incubator, irradiant heat moses and any type of moses in family care.
  • Widely applicable in all hospitals and clinics and optimized for babies with jaundice.

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