Advantages and risks when using an electrosurgical unit

The electrosurgical unit is also known as electroscalpel, it is a medical equipment of electronic origin that uses electrical phenomena that generate heat; with the objective of coagulating, flushing, drying or cutting tissues, depending on the parameters established by the surgeon, for which uses currents that develop at high frequencies usually above 200,000 Hz.

The main characteristic of this equipment is to generate high frequency alternating current from low frequency electrical currents in order to achieve a desired thermal effect on a biological tissue. The use of this technique significantly reduces the bleeding of the tissues and produces very little thermal damage, significantly decreasing the time of surgical procedures in which it is used.ย  It also allows for more effective asepsis by reducing the likelihood of transmission of infections from diseased tissues to healthy tissues.

Operation of an electrosurgical unit

The electrosurgical unit uses high frequency electrical energy to generate heat, with the aim of coagulating or cutting tissues of biological origin. According to its structure it has two modes of operation.

The monopolar mode, where the active electrode is the one that intervenes in the process, since it is the one that concentrates the energy at the contact point. While bipolar modality involves the action of the two electrodes, and are usually presented in the form of a hemostatic clamp.

Advantages of using electrosurgical units

Among the main advantages or benefits obtained from the use of electrosurgical units are:

  • The electrosurgical units generate precise incisions, without the need to exert pressure on the tissues.
  • They allow easy access to hard-to-tackle areas.
  • They provide great comfort for lifting hypertrophic tissues.
  • They facilitate excellent healing of gingival tissues.
  • They prevent the infiltration of infectious microorganisms into the incision line. In addition, they allow effective asepsis, decreasing the likelihood of transmission of infections from diseased tissues to healthy tissues.
  • They provide a more comfortable and easy removal of tissues in the dental interproximal area.
  • They allow the tissues to be cut and cauterized quickly, considerably reducing bleeding.

Risks of using electrosurgical units

Complications that may occur when using electrosurgical units or electrosurgeries, commonly due to improper use of these units include tissue destruction and healing, bleeding, pain, channeling, burns, fire, transmission of infection and interference with implantable systems. The risks of these complications can be avoided by paying careful attention to the safety measures inherent in the use of these equipment. Among the main risks when using electrosurgical units we find:

  • Eye damage: surgery near the eye is not advised as an arc of current may form towards the eyeball, therefore this procedure is contraindicated.
  • Delayed healing and bone necrosis:ย  which are failures due to inadequate operator training in the electrosurgery technique.
  • Burns: these may be caused by placing the neutral electrode on an injured surface of the patient, placing it on a bone prominence by contact with external metallic elements. However, an important factor to consider when performing electrosurgery is that the patient’s skin should not be prepared with alcohol, as well as topical anesthesia or oxygen during this procedure.
  • Electric shock: this can occur by contact of the patient with some metallic element or with the doctor who performs the surgery.
  • When used there is potential danger of fire or explosion when used in a medium where flammable anesthetic gases or explosives are used.

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