Differences between non-halogen incandescent light and halogen incandescent light in an operating room lamp?

Surgical lamps are equipment intended to provide high quality lighting for procedures in hospital and emergency rooms. These equipments are made with incandescent lights, which are halogen type and not halogen, have similar characteristics, providing bright lighting, these originate in the decade of the 60’s, when halogen lamps were used for the first time, although at that time, they were still used very isolated and with low power results. With the arrival of the 1990s, the action of the first non-halogen lamp, also known as LEDs of intense brightness, which served to make this type of equipment gaining more and more presence.ย 

Therefore, technological contributions are of great importance for the sake of better medical development, so the lamps are fundamental for the operative practice.

Differences between Halogen and Non-Halogen Surgical Lampsย 

Some years ago, the development and implementation of non-halogen lamps of incandescent type was evidenced, which were operated for decades without wasting energy and providing maximum performance to users, in order to extend their use time and a very high level of efficiency, making them a useful and recommended option in operating rooms. However, they can emit more light per watt than they have and do not need warm-up time, which means having the maximum light level from the moment of ignition.

On the other hand, halogen lamps are derived from the work performed on incandescent lamps. They translate into, lamps that use a tungsten system, that work with inactive type gas combined with iodine or another of the usual halogens.

That is why, thanks to chemistry, which acts in a balanced way before all the elements that make up the lamps, provides in any type of surgical room, the necessary lighting. However, they do not all work in low voltage, and it is normal for them to get too hot, implying that care is required when touching them.

Advantages of LED and Incandescent Lightsย 

At present, there is a varied selection of lights that can be used in operating theaters, and to meet the demands of doctors, the following advantages should be considered:ย 

  • LED lamps do not incorporate elements that are present in halogens, such as tungsten. The separation of these chemicals makes it a safer option for operating theaters, and at the same time, more beneficial for the environment. This is because halogen lights reflect a large amount of CO2, something that LEDs reduce considerably. Halogen lamps, on the other hand, are very inefficient, because 90% of the energy they cause converts it into heat.
  • By saving the energy emitted by LED lights, they are directed towards the duration time, which require the scarce need for repairs that involve. They better resist not only temperature, but also humidity or even the effects that occur due to vibrations. They are able to provide a better level of color, which allows doctors to take into account ambient light to always offer the best use.

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