What color should an operating room have and why?

What at first glance could be a choice taken at random, or relatively, is actually a more than reasonable manifestation, and is a reference to the color on the walls of the operating theaters. Interestingly, the idea of starting to implement the color green or blue in the operating room area, which complements the color red, causes the reduction of eye tensions and decrease of nervousness in surgeons, avoiding fainting in those less experienced professionals.ย 

In addition, the choice of this color also transcends in the concentration of the surgeon, since, when operating in a surgical room usually green or blue, surgeons find it easier to be more focused to all the details of the human body, and to the pink and reddish color of the organs during the operation. In the same way, that these colors helps the concentration of the professional and to reduce the nervousness, the white color incites the opposite, emphasizing the risk of dizziness, by visualizing on it the blood in a much more traumatic way.

Representation of the Green Color in the Operating Rooms

Many hypotheses have delved into the psychophysiological effects by the implementation of the color green or blue in the operating room, either to transmit, awaken, give amplitude, and thermal comfort, making it very interesting in contrast to the red color of the blood.

Also, when a surgeon turns the eye away from the red wound to a green or blue wall, it can cause less tension in the eye. For these reasons, it is recommended that the walls of the operating theaters be blue or green.

Currently, in clinics and hospitals, they don’t wear the color white, because people can get to feel in a depressing environment. Therefore, warm colors are used, with the intention of transmitting patients a safety effect, while they are in the health center.

Benefits of Warm Colors in the Operating Roomย 

For medical staff, it is important to convey to patients serenity and tranquility, in addition to this, the environment around them, is part of the psychological effect that allows them to feel comfortable and relaxed.ย 

However, the colors of the environment, cannot be used untimely, in combination with medical equipment, since each of them have many functions according to the hospital site, in some, it is necessary to provoke joy, and in others to keep the patient calm. Ideally, the tone should be the same for walls or curtains, as well as for patients, doctors and staff.

It should be noted that this type of tone, transmits a feeling of tranquility, and has a psychological effect, especially for the surgeon, helping him to rest his sight. In addition, this tone represents:

  • Harmony, balance and tranquility.ย 
  • Cleaning in the disinfection of the environment, as an important factor, emitting the feeling of hygiene and cleanliness.ย 
  • Calm, as an aspect very related to psychology, because it imprints peace of mind.
  • Hope, related to emotion or renewal.
  • Health, is synonymous with good energy and hope, as mentioned above.

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