How do you compose an operating room?

Firstly, in all medical units, the ideal furniture within the surgical field transforms the performance of the medical staff into new and good management for the health of the patient. 

Surgical procedures, anesthesia, necessary resuscitations, etc. are practiced in these spaces. They must have suitable facilities, dependencies and equipment for any intervention that occurs.

The objective of a good distribution in the operating room, provides the patient with effective, timely and safe care, and prepares the medical work for the good development of the intervention.

In these spaces, the different characteristics and equipment required to extend each of the specific surgical interventions are grouped, it functions as a medium unit, providing assistance support to develop the medical activity.

Types of Surgical Furniture

The operating room, basically consists of functional furniture, which meets all the appropriate equipment, which must occupy a central place due to an obvious need to be close to some reception or hospitalization structures as well as medical-technical services, is why, it must be fitted with the necessary equipment, among them are:

  • Cialitica lamp, adjusted for the recommended luminosity of the surgical field.
  • The shelves must be made of stainless steel to store the necessary equipment.
  • Vacuum cleaner secretions.
  • Movable stainless steel basket, to hold the trays.
  • Swivel benches, to position the height of the patient’s head during the procedure; given their complexity and the precision they demand, the surgeon and his team remain seated. 
  • Height benches, consent to have comfort and mastery of the surgical circuit and achieve a better vision.
  • Wheeled containers for gauze, dressings, towels, swabs, suture leftovers and all waste containing any substance or organic product.
  • Surgical table, agrees to install the patient in different positions and generates comfort.
  • Table of May, is used to place the clothing, instruments, material and inputs required for the procedure.
  • Navigation System.
  • Anesthetic equipment

Physical composition of the operating room

It should be taken into account, the importance of physical spaces to take into account the areas of an operating room, which refers to walls, ceilings and floors, must be covered with materials that have a smooth firmness, that do not have any type of crack or opening in order to make it easier and effective to clean them to avoid possible infections. 

Also, the type of door used in operating theaters must be sliding type, thus avoiding air currents and an increase in the risk of possible contamination sources. Likewise, the temperature of these areas has a lot of impact in the operating theaters, as air conditioning is an essential part of the environment. In addition, it must have a good communication system in case of an emergency, which includes telephone facilities, intercom, doorbells, emergency lights and the computer part of the room.

Surgical furniture brand Kalstein

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