Automated Tissue Processor YR428

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Certificacion europea

Product Description

YR428 Automated Tissue Processor is mainly used in small laboratories to process specimens to improve the quality sections. The max number of specimens processed is 50 each time. It is popular in the market because of its space saving and simple operation.

  • Fully intelligent design, enabling timely automatic determination and recovery from an abnormal event
  • High-quality blue-colored LCD screen operated with two optional programsoffers a clear and reliable display
  • Manual adjustment can be conducted anytime during the programmed automatic operation; afterwards, the system automatically enters the programmed operation
  • Green inner-cycling air purification system to efficiently adsorb, and remove, poisonous gas
  • Imported high-quality parts, smooth operation, low noise, ergonomic design
Model YR428
Number of Cups 12 (nine cups for reagents and three cups for paraffin)
Length of Processing Time Adjustable within 0-99 hours for the 1st station

and within 0-24 hours for other stations

Temperature Range of Paraffin Cup adjustable within RT – 99°; dual protection
Heating Mechanism Internal dry heating automatically begins when

the tissue enters the 2nd cup, thus avoiding unnecessary

energy waste.

Capacity of Single Cup 1000ml
Temperature Control Precision ±1℃
Dripping Time Adjustable within 10-60 s; shake/drip above cup
Frequency of Agitation 2 times/minute
Battery backup with more than 6 hours of continual running power
Acceptable Temperature Range of Operation Environment 0 ~ 40℃
Working Voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10% 60Hz
Power 500W
Dimensions 1010×420×450 mm (W×D×H)
Net weight 67 kg

Additional Information

Weight 102 kg
Dimensions 118 × 54 × 56 cm

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