Color Doppler ultrasound screen 15 inch Heart Test, Pregnancy YR05152

Manufacturer: Kalstein


  • LED display 15 ‘multilingual feature
  • Model CF + B simultaneously, PDI, DPDI, TDI, TSI, trapezoidal supports images, virtual convex array and convex array expansion.
  • Anatomy M, Color Mode M
  • 4D, CW and 192 function elements
  • Image complex model
  • Automatic measurement of IMT, measuring endometrial automatic, automatic quality assessment
  • PW duplex and triplex can be freely changed
  • Automatic Tracking measurements PW
  • Multiple measures of birth
  • DICIM 3.0 protocol built, you can print and send via DICOM 3.0
  • They can be inserted integrated workstations, databases, reports images, curves fetal development, scoring standards, etc.
  • Online care function, instruct the user how to operate in the next step.
  • The printed area is adjustable, it can be images, reports or images + reports, etc.
  • Control user rights, you can set the password.
  • Pressure Index
Technical description
Model YR05152
Physical specifications
team size 37.5 x 36 x 75

Weight equipment

5.5 kg
packing size 49 x 27 x 49
Shipping Weight


Connectivity / Media / peripherals

Transducer ports

USB ports two
HDD 64GB (SSD) 120G / 200GB SSD (optional)
Printing area Report image Report image +
Ethernet port 2 (100Mb / 1000Mb)
external display VGA HDMI
The printer (optional)

USB Cable Digital Printer Digital Laser Printer B / W Thermal Printer

Hardware specifications of the LED monitor

Size (diagonal)

Contrast ratio 800: 01: 00
Resolution 1024 * 768 pixels
Brightness 230 cd / m2
Depth of color 24bit
Rotate angle

ยฑ 90 ยฐ

Gray Levels 256
Cinema / Image Memory

Memory cinema

Of 1200 (max)
Cinema exam speed.

1 2 4 8

Cinema examination loop Yes
Film Capture Function Yes
DICOM connectivity DICOM3.0 A.
4D Software Built-in 4D Software
Storage Storage format: PNG AVI BMP JPEG DICOM

Video format export: AVI

Export image Format: PNG JPEG BMP DICOM

USB Flash Drive

General performance

Digital broadband

12288 channels
Haz-ex. Re-programmable

Transmit tension

Adjustable (15 steps)
Haz-ex-frequency range

1 ~ 40 MHz



Convex probe Linear probe assembly Within the cavity of the probe Micro-convex probe
Frequency Central 3.5MHz Central 7.5MHz Central 6.5 MHz Central 4.0 MHz
(2.0 MHZ to 10.0 MHZ) (2.0 MHZ to 10.0 MHZ) (2.0 MHZ to 10.0 MHZ) (2.0 MHZ to 10.0 MHZ)
He passed 0.516mm 0.352mm 0.216mm
Radio 60mm N/A 10mm
The elements 96 96 96

Additional information

Weight 14,5 kg
Dimensions 29 × 50 × 50 cm

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