Desktop PP Fume Hood YR05869 // YR05871

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Upper Part: Using 1.0mm thick cold-roll steel sheet for the shell, 1.0mm thick 304 stainless steel inner, made through cutting, bending, welding, stamping and grinding, with surface treatment of acid washing, phosphating and epoxy electrostatic powder coating, impact test qualified, lined with 5mm thick compact panel, providing three-stage exhaust design, control panel is located on the side plate for convenient observation and operation.

Lower Part: Using 1.0mm cold-roll steel sheet, providing adjustable feet which consist of stainless-steel screw, nylon cover and rubber material, with anti-skidding, shock absorbing, chemical resistant, corrosion resistant and strong bearing abilities.

Viewable Window: Using โ‰ฅ5mm anti-explosion toughened glass, available to stop at any height of the rain slider, the main window can slide around. Solid physiochemical board / Epoxy Resin board, thickness 13/16/19mm, catcher 26mm (optional)

  • Socket – anti-dust, splash proof safety socket with automatic closing lid, size of 60ร—60mm, 10A/16A /220V.
  • Light – round energy saving light hidden in top ceiling, not directly contact with the air in the fume hood, easy to be replaced.
  • Control Panel – multi-function socket, lighting, fan and fan valve control (optional).
  • Sink – using imported PP material, chemical resistant, corrosion resistant and organic resistant.
  • Tap – using copper material with high gloss epoxy powder spayed surface, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, providing

    single/double/triple outlet types for choice, with detachable nozzle and ergonomic PP handle.

  • Sewer System – using high-density imported PP trap, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant and organic resistant, with filtering and smelly odor blocking function.
  • Faucet: collapsible, stainless steel.
Technical Specification:
Model YR05869 YR05870 YR05871
Available Opening Height 0โ€”800 mm
Face Velocity 0.4โ€”0.6m/s
Noise <60dB
Airflow Speed 1080โ€”1700m3/h
Electricity AC220Vโ€”380V/0.09โ€”4kw


Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YR05869, YR05870, YR05871


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