Gel Documentation System YR06207

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein


The Gel documentation system YR06207 is a compact, smart and easy-to-use system for DNA and protein gel documentation needs.ย  The user-friendly interface and an optional removable industrial computer bring users perfect operation experience. The removable industrial computer provides high feasibility, running speed and avoids the after sales possibilities of the embedded PADs.

  • Smart, compact and saving the space
  • Sensitive digital Camera with high resolution
  • Blue LED transmission as standard
  • Removable industrial computer instead of embedded PAD
  • Optional fluorescent module
  • Intuitive Software for unlimited users
Technical Specifications
Model YR06207
Gel Doc Application YES
Protein gel๏ผ›SDS Pages YES
Fluorescence Imaging, Fluorescent Western Blotting YES
Super Sensitivity๏ผŒSuper fast Data transmission
Small, Smart, Compact and saving the space
Standard UV
Optional Blue
Optional removable Industrial PC
Resolution 6.3 Megapixels๏ผŒ3072ร—2048
Quantum efficiency 97%
Pixel density 16bit(65536 Grey scales)
Lens F1.2 motorized lens
DNA/RNA detection DNA//RNA sample tray: 165×130
UV LED Transmission
Protein gel๏ผ›SDS Pages White LED transmission:17x13cm
Software SHST Capture and Analysis Software for unlimited number of users
Optional Accessories
Epi-UV, RGB and fluorescent detection
Removable industrial computer, 10.1 Inch Touch Screen, Intel processor
Blue LED Transmission

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 42 × 43 × 74 cm

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