Heated Lid Dry Bath Incubator YR05889 – YR05890

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

YR05889 – YR05890 are a Dry Bath Incubator with heated lid controlled by a microcomputer, excellent temperature control due to advanced semiconductor technology (Peltier-Based), which can work as a thermal cycler. DH-100 can heat, DC-100 can heat and cool, they can be used for sample preservation and rection, DNA amplification and protein denaturation treatment, and etc.

  • Impact design, small size
  • Heated lid function can be on/off according to needs
  • High precise and good uniformity in temperature, fast heating and cooling rate
  • 5 inch touch screen display temperature and time, easy to edit, heating lid temperature can be individually set/displayed
Technical Specification:
Model YR05889 YR05890
Voltage AC100~240V๏ผŒ50/60Hz
Block Temperature Setting Range R.T. -25โ„ƒ ~100โ„ƒ R.T. +5โ„ƒ ~100โ„ƒ
Lid Temperature Setting Range R.T. +5โ„ƒ ~110โ„ƒ R.T. +5โ„ƒ ~105โ„ƒ
Timer 1s~99min59sec (0 means infinite)
Block Temperature Accuracy ยฑ0.5โ„ƒ
Lid Temperature Accuracy ยฑ1.0โ„ƒ
Block Temperature Uniformity ยฑ0.5โ„ƒ
Display Accuracy 0.1โ„ƒ
Heating Up Rate (R.T. 25โ„ƒ ) 37โ„ƒ -100โ„ƒ โ‰ฅ 7โ„ƒ /min
Cooling Rate 100โ„ƒ -37โ„ƒโ‰ค 8โ„ƒ /min
Max.Steps 10
Max.Cycles 99
Max.Power 200W 250W
Optional Accesories:
Type Capacity
YR05890-op1 96ร—0.2ml
YR05890-op2 54ร—0.5ml
YR05890-op3 35ร—1.5ml
YR05890-op4 35ร—2.0ml

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 38 × 29 cm

YR05889, YR05890

Characteristic Feature

35ร—1.5 ml centrifugal tubes, 35ร—2.0 ml centrifugal tubes, 54ร—0.5 ml centrifugal tubes, 96ร—0.2 ml centrifugal tubes, No Features


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