Hematology Reagent


Product Description

Laboratory chemical reagents are chemical substances used in laboratories to determine the content of other substances, the distribution of sample components, to perform analysis, synthesis and finally to carry out research and scientific work.

This product is the cleaning solution of the reaction system in the detection process of the blood cell analyzer, so as to facilitate the in vitro detection of blood cells, hemoglobin, etc.

It is used to destroy red blood cells, dissolve hemoglobin, and maintain the shape of the cells to be analyzed before blood cell analysis, thereby facilitating cell classification and counting or quantitative determination of hemoglobin.

Technical Specifications
YRA45 Diluent 20L
YRA46 Lyse 500ml
YRA47 Rinse 5L, 20L
YRA48 EZ Cleaner 100ml
YRA49 Probe Cleaner 50ml
YRA50 Diluent 20L
YRA51 EO-I Lyse 1L
YRA52 EO-II Lyse 500ml
YRA53 LH Lyse 500ml
YRA54 Cleaner 1L
YRA55 Probe Cleaner 50ml
YRA56 Diluent 20L
YRA57 EO-I Lyse 1L
YRA58 EO-II Lyse 500ml, 200ml
YRA59 LH Lyse 500ml
YRA60 Probe Cleaner 50ml
YRA61 Diluent 20L
YRA62 52 DIFF Lyse 500ml
YRA63 52 LH Lyse 100ml
YRA64 Probe Cleaner 50ml
YRA65 Diluent 20L
YRA66 EO-I Lyser 1L
YRA67 EO-II Lyser 500ml
YRA68 LH Lyser 500ml
YRA69 LBA Lyser 1L
YRA70 Cleaner 1L
YRA71 Probe Cleaner 50ml

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

YRA45, YRA46, YRA47, YRA48, YRA49, YRA50, YRA51, YRA52, YRA53, YRA54, YRA55, YRA56, YRA57, YRA58, YRA59, YRA60, YRA61, YRA62, YRA63, YRA64, YRA65, YRA66, YRA67, YRA68, YRA69, YRA70, YRA71


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