High-speed Centrifuge Table YR0125

Manufacturer: Kalstein


The main operating principle of high-speed centrifuge: high-speed centrifuge is the powerful centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotor rotation of high-speed centrifuge from the high-speed centrifuge to accelerate the sedimentation speed of the particles In the liquid and separate the coefficient of sedimentation and floating density of the sample.

The centrifuge is a type of machine that performs the separation of solid-liquid, liquid-liquid or solid-liquid phases under the action of centrifugal force. The rotor is the main component of the centrifuge. Mostly it is made of titanium alloy or aluminum alloy. It is installed at high speed. The separation is achieved by centrifugal force on the vertical or horizontal axis, and can be used for the separation of centrifugal separation, centrifugal filtration and centrifugal sedimentation. The separation factor is the main indicator of the separation performance of the centrifuge. It is the relationship between centrifugal force and the severity of the material, which is equal to the relationship between centrifugal acceleration and gravity acceleration.

Technical presentation
  • Control by microcomputer
  • LCD screen
  • The main room is distributed
  • Real-time conversion of RPM / RCF
  • Work information will be provided
  • Ten forces of acceleration and deceleration.
  • Practice driving the converter without friction
  • Touch Panel, Programmable Operators
  • Customers select and use spare rotors
  • It provides 10 benefits of centrifugal curves for speed adjustment.
  • There are many types of tube grids, which are convenient and replaceable
  • Short operating function, easy centrifugation for diversification
  • Installed coil housing, gate cover, crossing speed and temperature protection device
  • Imported domestic refrigerators, are not refrigerated with CFC, measured according to certain standards
  • High-speed desktop escape centrifuge
  • ABS housing
  • Brushless motor
  • Refrigeration
  • Strange stainless steel camera
Model YR0125
Maximum speed 20,000r/min
RCF Max 27,800 xg
Speed ​​Accuracy ±50r/min
variety of gold -20°C ~ +40°C
Heat Exposure ±1.5°C
Compressor More / R404a
ranger timer 0 ~ 99h 59min
Power supply 220V 50Hz 30A
Noise ≤65db
Dimension 600 x 470 x 330 (mm)
Weight 75kg

Additional information

Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 60 × 47 × 33 cm

(YR0125) Pantalla LCD


(YR0126-1-1) Rotor de Ángulo – elocidad Máxima R / MIN 16000 – RCF Máx 27800 – Capacidad (ml) 1.5ml/2.2ml×12, (YR0126-1-2) Rotor de Ángulo – elocidad Máxima R / MIN 17280 – RCF Máx 27800 – Capacidad (ml) 1.5ml/2.2ml×12, (YR0126-1-3) Rotor Oscilante de Microplacas – Velocidad Máxima R / MIN 3000 – RCF Máx 14000 – Capacidad (ml) 2x48well, (YR0126-1-4) Rotor de Ángulo – Velocidad Máxima R / MIN 13000 – RCF Máx 16780 – Capacidad (ml) 0.5mlx36/48, (YR0126-1-5-1) Rotor de Ángulo – Velocidad Máxima R / MIN 13000 – RCF Máx 16760 – Capacidad (ml) 15mlx8, (YR0126-1-5-2) Rotor de Ángulo – Velocidad Máxima R / MIN 12000 – RCF Máx 13000 – Capacidad (ml) 50mlx4, (YR0126-1-5) Rotor de Ángulo – Velocidad Máxima R / MIN 13000 – RCF Máx 16760 – Capacidad (ml) 10mlx12, (YR0126-1-7-1) Rotor Oscilante – Velocidad Máxima R / MIN 6000 – RCF Máx 3200 – Capacidad (ml) 10mlx4, (YR0126-1-7) Rotor de Ángulo – Velocidad Máxima R / MIN 12000 – RCF Máx 13000 – Capacidad (ml) 100mlx4, (YR0126-1) Rotor de Ángulo – elocidad Máxima R / MIN 20000 – RCF Máx 27800 – Capacidad (ml) 1.5ml/2.2ml×12

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