Laboratory Super Low Temperature Freezer , 338L Ultra Low Temp Lab Freezer YR05297

Manufacturer: Kalstein


‘-86C medical ultra low temperature freezer for laboratory

This product is designed and manufactured for long-term storage of a variety of biological products, including viruses and bacteria. Red blood cells, white blood cells and skin.


The Cascade System’s microprocessor control system with 3 separate interior doors that can be opened independently. Minimize frost accumulation in the room.The unique door seal design minimizes the temperature loss when the door is opened. The stainless steel internal handle ensures that the door can be easily opened even in the case of frost. High quality door gasket 5 gasket, 4 sealing ring for door, 1 inner door seal to provide maximum protection against heat intrusion. The sample port on the back makes temperature monitoring convenient.

  • Double-machine cascade refrigeration system using fluorine-free environmentally friendly alkane refrigerant, energy saving 50%
  • VIPIIPLUS second generation vacuum insulation board technology, the refrigerator has good insulation performance, designed for entering the elevator
  • Product structure optimized for biological sample library, can provide storage space of up to 40,000 samples
  • Each component that may generate noise is equipped with special material shock absorbing material, and high-density fire-resistant sound-absorbing cotton is installed around the unit.
  • Microcomputer control, the temperature inside the box is adjustable from -60 to -86 °C, over temperature alarm, power failure memory, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.1 °C;
  • Optimized dual-machine cascade refrigeration system for up to 35% energy savings
  • Microcomputer control, the temperature inside the box is adjustable from -40 to -86 °C, over temperature alarm, power failure memory, adjustment accuracy is 0.1 °C;
  • -86 series product internal and external temperature difference up to 110 ° C, special polyurethane foam insulation layer to avoid cracking and deformation, 150mm insulation material thickness to ensure internal temperature stability
  • Two-machine cascade refrigeration system, carbon dioxide refrigerant energy saving 50%
  • When power is restored, the simultaneous start of all equipment will cause a large impact on the power grid, which may cause the circuit breaker to trip; the specially designed equipment delay start function for this case may make the equipment
Technical Specifications
Model YR05297
Specificaitons Shelf/drawer QTY Stainless steel shelf/3
Cooling Direct cooling
Defrost Manual
Refrigerant HC
Power Consumption(kWh/24h) 12.8
Noise(db) 50
Ambient Temperature(℃) 10~32℃
Temperature Range(℃) -40~-86℃
Cooling system Compressor brand/QTY SECOP/2
Sensor PTC
Temperature Controller Microprocessor
Display LCD display
Power Voltage/frequency(V/Hz) 220/50Hz
Power(W) 870W
Current(A) 6.75A
Material Inside Material Stainless steel
Outside Material Color sprayed steel
Insulation PURF
Size Capacity(L/cu.ft) 338/11.93
NT./GT.(kg) 250/305
Exterior size(W*D*H)(mm) 880*980*1940
Interior size(W*D*H)(mm) 488*607*1140
Package size(W*D*H)(mm) 940*1070*2130
CBM 2.14
20GP/40GP/40HQ 12/24/24
Frozen Racks Racks 12(4X4)
Boxes (2 Inches) 192
Samples(2ml) 19200
Alarm High/low temperature Y
Power failure Y
Abnormal voltage Y
Sensor error Y
Filter screen check Y
Thermostat failure Y
Low battery Y
Condenser clean Y
High ambient temperature Y
Door Ajar Y
Power failure backup system(alarm)
Accessories Castor Y
Inside door 2
Test hole QTY/diameter 2/25MM
USB port Y
Chart recorder Optional
Data logger Optional
Remote alarm port Y

Additional information

Weight 305 kg
Dimensions 93,5 × 107 × 212,8 cm

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