Liquid Handling Multi-channel Pipettes YR03736 / YR03736-2

Manufacturer: Kalstein  

Manufacturer: Kalstein


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Product Description

YR Pipettes Series are a new mechanical. Air-displacement pipette that offers you a volume lock and that is one of the most beautiful exterior in pipettes. Enjoy a new addition to pipette line with its legendary accuracy, precision and robustnessโ€ฆ with the highest comfort

Product Features
  • 3 Digits
  • Magnifying shape
  • Chemical Resistance
  • 121ยฐ Sterilization
  • Very Low Operating force
  • Colour indicates pipette volume
  • Positioned for perfect ergonomics
  • Only a few turns to reach your desired volume
Model YR03736 YR03736-1 YR03736-2
Volume range 2 โ€“ 20ฮผl 5 โ€“ 50ฮผl 20 โ€“ 200ฮผl
Accuracy ยฑ6.0 โ€“ 1.5% ยฑ3.0 โ€“ 1.2% ยฑ2.5 โ€“ 1.0%
Repeatability โ‰ค2.50 โ€“ 0.40% โ‰ค1.50 โ€“ 0.40% โ‰ค1.25 โ€“ 0.50%

Additional Information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 69 × 32 × 23 cm

YR03736 Pipette, YR03736-1 Pipette, YR03736-2 Pipette


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